ECI Outreach Materials


ECI publications can be ordered online through the materials ordering system. Some restrictions apply to the quantity requested on specific publications.

Growth Chart

This chart conveys information about typical developmental milestones as parents record their child's growth.

How’s Your Baby? (Developmental Checklist Brochure)

This brochure provides a developmental checklist of skills, like walking and talking, that children usually master by certain ages and a list of “Red Flags” to watch for as a baby grows. This brochure is for families and referral sources or anyone who would like to learn more about child development.

Serving Babies and Toddlers (General Information Brochure)

This brochure provides general information about ECI's approach to service delivery and support as well as contact information for making a referral. This brochure is intended for families, referral sources, and anyone who wants to learn more about ECI.


These videos have been produced to help educate and inform families and professionals about ECI’s service delivery system and about parental rights (procedural safeguards).

About Texas ECI (8 Min.)

The About Texas ECI video provides a brief overview of ECI services and explains how ECI partners with families to support their child’s development. In this video you will hear from ECI parents and professionals who share how the program’s services worked to meet their needs. You also will learn about the enrollment process, where services are provided, how services are paid for and other ways that ECI provides value to children and families.

Parent to Parent: Knowing Your Rights (11 Min.)

The Parent to Parent: Knowing Your Rights video complements the ECI Parent Handbook, encouraging families in ECI to understand and exercise their rights. It also encourages parents to feel free to ask questions if they don’t understand something being said by an ECI professional or something in the handbook. It provides an overview of some, but not all, of a family’s rights, such as consent, prior written notice and confidentiality.

Texas ECI: Family to Family (10 Min.)

The Texas ECI: Family to Family video offers a family perspective for families who have been or may be referred to ECI and who would like to learn more about ECI services. ECI families talk about their experiences with ECI and how their child and the family benefited from ECI services; not just on the day of service, but every day as they apply the lessons learned from ECI professionals. You will hear how important you are to your child’s success and how you and ECI staff will work together to help your child.