ECI Library Collection

The ECI Library collection contains a wealth of information on all aspects of early childhood intervention. Housed in the DSHS Audio Visual Library, 1100 W. 49th St., Austin, Texas, 78756, the collection is available to any Texas resident.

The ECI Library collection includes books, DVDs and journals that address all aspects of:

  • Early childhood intervention
  • Disabilities and developmental delays
  • Families and siblings
  • Assessment and evaluation (including tools and kits)
  • Parent Advocacy
  • Child development
  • Laws and legislation affecting children with disabilities and developmental delays.

In addition, all ECI library users will have access to the materials in DSHS's Medical and Research Library, the Audio Visual Library and the Rehabilitation Services Library collections. Upon request, the Medical and Research librarian also is able to do reference database searches on specific topics of interest.

Read more about borrowing materials from the DSHS Audio Visual Library.

Contact Information for the ECI Library collection at the DSHS Audio Visual Library:

Toll Free: 888-963-7111 x7260 
Phone: 512-776-7260 
Fax: 512-776-7474 

Library Matters

ECI Library Matters is produced monthly by Texas Health and Human Services. Each issue provides readers with a listing of articles, books, videos and journals on a particular subject, for example, seizure disorder, Down syndrome, Autism, infant mental health and behavioral issues. Below is a listing of topics available:

  • Autism Resources
  • Social Emotional Development and Behavioral Issues
  • Cultural Competence and Bilingual Language
  • Play and Motor Development
  • Parenting and Working with Families
  • Child Care, Inclusion, and Transition
  • Down syndrome
  • Child and Brain Development
  • Management, Supervision, and Leadership Resources
  • Deafness, Hearing impairments, Speech and Language Development
  • Parents and Their Children Affected by Opioids, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
  • Medical Diagnosis and Special Populations