About the Office of Acquired Brain Injury

The Texas Health and Human Services Office of Acquired Brain Injury is the center for awareness and education on brain injuries in Texas. Our goal is to help connect people to resources and services, raise awareness and prevent brain injuries.

Education and Awareness

We work to raise awareness about ways to prevent brain injuries, cut down the impact they have on society and improve lives for brain injury survivors and their caregivers. Spread the word in your community by downloading or ordering our free awareness material.


We promote the importance of Texans protecting themselves to help reduce the number of brain injuries in the state. The leading causes of brain injury are often preventable. OABI has developed outreach materials to educate and prevent brain injuries across the state.

Protect yourself and the people you love:

  • Wear your seat belt and buckle your child in the correct way when riding in a vehicle.
  • Wear a helmet when you ride a bike or motorcycle, play contact sports, ride a horse, ski or snowboard.
  • Watch for slippery, uneven walkways and be careful when it’s hard to see outside.
  • Try to have your child play in a playground with shock-absorbing surfaces, such as sand or wood chips, which will protect them if they fall.

Resource Facilitation

We are dedicated to making sure Texans find the help they need. We help people find answers to brain injury questions. Our resources include information on support groups in your area, educational videos and educational materials including a guide to help you find and get the support that’s right for you and much more.

To learn more, contact the Office of Acquired Brain Injury at 512-706-7191 or by email.