Reports and Presentations

Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

HHSC Artificial Intelligence Testimony - June 2024

This presentation summarizes material on the testimony of HHSC before the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council meeting for June 6, 2024.

Annual Report on Federal Community Mental Health Block Grant Expenditures - 2024

This report includes all expenditures for programs that received MHBG funds during fiscal year 2023. HHSC uses the MHBG to fund a variety of mental health programs to offer a comprehensive array of adult, child, and community crisis mental health services.

Reporting of Waiting Lists for Mental Health Services - May 2024

The report gives the current waiting list and expenditure data for community health services for adults and children, forensic state hospital beds, and maximum-security forensic state hospital beds. This report covers quarters 3 and 4 of FY23 and quarters 1 and 2 of FY24.

Medicaid Managed Care Oversight and Quality - June 2024

This presentation discusses agency processes in place related to oversight of Medicaid managed care contracts.

Overview of Medicaid Managed Care Procurement Process - June 2024

This presentation discusses agency processes related to the Agency procurement process for Medicaid managed care contracts.

Consolidated Reporting of Opioid-Use Disorder Related Expenditures - Fiscal Year 2023

This report provides actual expenditures for fiscal year 2023 by program and method of finance as required by the 2024-2025 General Appropriations Act. The report provides information regarding $116.8 million in opioid-related expenditures.

Presentation to Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs for Veteran Mental Health Interim Charge

This presentation covers current HHSC programs that provide direct and indirect mental health services to veterans through the Office of Veterans Services Coordination, and the Office of Mental Health Coordination.

Medically Dependent Children Program Monitoring Report - April 2024

Medically Dependent Children Program Monitoring Report is a legislatively required report containing, for the most recent state fiscal quarter, information and data related to access to care for Medicaid recipients receiving benefits under the Medically Dependent Children Program waiver program.

Medicaid CHIP Data Analytics Unit Quarterly Report of Activities Q2 - Fiscal Year 2024

The quarterly report reflects activities and findings of the Data Analytics Unit.

Reporting of Maintenance of Effort for Federal Grants - April 2024

The MOE Report contains the MOE information for each federal grant received by HHSC as of March 2024. MOE requirements mandate a level of financial effort a state must maintain for activities related to a specified public service.