1115 Medicaid Waiver Tools & Guidelines for Regional Healthcare Partnership Participants

DSRIP - Anchor and Provider Resources

DSRIP Payment Summaries by Reporting Periods

The links below are to the project payment summaries. Note that these are the official payment files and may not match the amounts included in the DSRIP Online Reporting System.

DSRIP Provider and Project Reporting Summaries

Please find links below to the provider and project reporting summaries. The Provider Summaries provide a high-level narrative overview of the status of all of a provider's DSRIP projects. The Project Summaries provide project-level status information related to a specific project's accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, etc. The provider summary file contains information from the October DY2 through April DY9 reporting periods. The project summary file contains information from the October DY2 through the Oct DY7 reporting periods.

DSRIP Protocols for 3 Year Projects

DSRIP Allocation

Anchor Administrative Cost Claiming

The documents below will assist in claiming Anchor administrative costs.


Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP)

RHP Information