Form H5799, TANF Warrant/Envelope

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Updated: 7/1992


  • To authorize the person named on the warrant to obtain TANF benefits when the warrant is cashed.
  • To show the household and warrant casher
    • the date by which the warrant must be cashed;
    • the dollar amount of TANF benefits the household is authorized to receive; and
    • the household's name and case number authorized to receive TANF benefits.
  • To be used by state office in preparing certain required reports.


Form H5799 is a pink and yellow form. The warrant is printed and mailed from state office at the first of each month to each person certified to receive TANF benefits. (Supplemental warrants and those on new certifications are mailed daily. The date issued is printed as follows: 01/31/92.)

Form Retention

Cashed warrants are returned to and retained by the State Treasury Department. Copies may be obtained if needed by requesting them from Fiscal Division by submitting Form H1008.

Detailed Instructions

The warrant is used by the head of the TANF household to obtain TANF benefits.

The warrant can be cashed at any bank or other check-cashing establishment.