Form 3256, Chemical Dependency Treatment Facility Variance Request Application

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Effective Date: 11/2022


Updated: 11/2022


Form 3256 is used by a licensed chemical dependency treatment facility (CDTF), or an applicant for licensure, to apply for a temporary variance for a rule requirement in Texas Administrative Code Title 25 (25 TAC) Chapter 448, Standard of Care.


When to Prepare

To request a temporary variance or exception from complying with a provision of a rule found at 25 TAC Chapter 448, a CDTF must submit Form 3256 and any supporting documents pursuant to 25 TAC Section 448.402.

Important Items to Note

  • Per 25 TAC Section 448.402(d), HHSC cannot grant a variance for a statutory requirement.
  • HHSC fully considers each variance request and will issue a formal response either granting or denying the variance request. If HHSC grants a variance, it will be approved for a specified period.