Form 3159, Final Report of Expenditures

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 5/2017


Updated 5/2017

Deadline: 90 days after end of budget period.


Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) grantees must complete this form.

Copies and Distribution

Grantees send a copy to the grant manager, who sends a copy to the central office program specialist for IL. The central office program specialist sends a copy to HHSC Financial Services.


According to the HHSC Records Retention Schedule.

General Instructions

Submit Form 3152, Equipment Inventory List, with this report.

Apply the formula for status of minimum matching obligations (8) whenever the total match expenditure (5D) is less than the budgeted match (5B).

Complete and attach Form 3156, Quarterly Program Income Report, if program income was earned and/or spent during the budget period.

Specific Instructions

Numbered instructions below refer to numbered boxes in the form.

Enter the HHSC DRS grant number that applies to this report.

  1. Enter grantee identifying information.
  2. Enter the budget period of the grant.
  3. Enter the latest approved budget figures for each source of funds (federal, state, or program income/match). Budget revisions cannot be approved after the end of the budget period. For a description of circumstances that need budget approval before the end of the budget period, see Form 3155, Budget Revision Request, Instructions.
  4. Enter the actual amounts of funds expended during the budget period, by source of funds.
  5. Enter totals for Columns A through F.
  6. Enter budgeted funding ratios in Columns A through C. Enter computed funding ratios in Columns D through F. [Computation: column total ÷ sum of all three columns].