Form 3015, Application for a Child Care Administrator License or a Child-Placing Agency Administrator License

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 11/2023


Updated: 2/2022

Read these instructions carefully before filling out Form 3015. This form is not used for day care director credentialing.

A resume does not substitute for any information required on any of the forms below. To apply, you must submit all the following:

  • Form 3015, Application for a Child Care Administrator License or a Child-Placing Agency Administrator License;
  • Form 3017, Child Care Regulation Request for Background Checks for an Administrator’s License;
  • Form 2985, Affidavit for Applicants for Employment with a Child Care Facility or Registered Child-Care Home;
  • Three references, using Form 3016, Administrator Licensing – Reference for an Applicant (at least one reference must be provided by a person who can verify your management experience);
  • An official, stamped transcript (or certification on letterhead) from the applicable universities or colleges; and
  • Applicable fees (see Section V).

Eligibility Requirements

According to Chapter 43 of the Human Resources Code, and 26 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 745, Subchapter N, a person may not serve as an administrator of a child-placing agency without a child-placing agency administrator’s license and may not serve as an administrator of a general residential operation without a child care administrator’s license.

To be eligible for a child care administrator license or a child-placing agency administrator license, you must:

1. Submit a total of three professional references: 

  1. Two from persons who can attest to your work experience and competence as a child care administrator or child-placing agency administrator, depending on the type of license that you are applying for; and 
  2. One from an employer or supervisor who can verify the following:
    • Your management or supervisory experience was completed within the last 10 years;
    • Your experience was completed at a residential child care setting, if you are applying for a child care administrator's license, or a licensed child-placing agency if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator's license;
    • You had sole or shared responsibility for implementing an operation’s program or programs; and
    • You supervised at least one staff member at a child care setting or child-placing agency with responsibilities as listed in 745.8919(a)(4) or (b)(4).

Submit the forms that are included in the application packet for use by the persons serving as your references. Only references with original signatures and completed on Form 3016 will be accepted. 

2. Submit evidence of at least one year of management or supervisory experience in a residential child care setting or licensed child-placing agency, if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator's license. 

Note: Experience at a child-placing agency does not meet this requirement if you are applying for a child care administrator license. Experience at a general residential operation does not meet this requirement if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator license. Experience as a foster parent or caregiver in a foster home does not meet this requirement for either license.

3. Submit evidence of one of the following education and experience-related qualifications: 

  1. Master's or doctorate degree; or
  2. Bachelor's degree and at least two years of full-time child care or related work experience. All applicable work experience must be documented on the application form.

Note: You must submit an original, official transcript or original letter of verification from the appropriate educational institution to verify your education.

Electronic official transcripts can be accepted when requested to be sent directly to the Administrator Licensing Division via A printout of a transcript received electronically cannot be accepted as it cannot be validated.

Pass background checks conducted by the Centralized Background Check Unit (CBCU) and submit the required criminal history affidavit.

Pass an examination. The exam is multiple choice and includes questions covering the following topics:

  • Current minimum standards
  • Resource development and fiscal management
  • Professional ethics in administration
  • Personnel management
  • Child psychology (basic information on abused and neglected children placed in residential care)
  • Child development
  • Program development
  • Client rights
  • Professional legal liabilities
  • Cultural competencies

The only study guide available for the exam is the current minimum standards, available online at Minimum Standards – Texas Health and Human Services.

If you intend to apply for both licenses, you must pay the appropriate fees for each license, meet the minimum qualifications for each license, and pass each of the separate exams.

All required documents must be received before your application can be approved or denied.

If you have questions about the eligibility requirements or applying for a license, contact the Child Care Regulation Administrator Licensing Program at 713-696-7119 or


Complete all fields on Form 3015. Leave no cells blank. Use N/A to indicate “Not Applicable.” Do not use correction fluid.

Detailed Instructions

Section I, General Information – Complete all fields, including all legal names you have previously had, such as maiden names.

Section II, License Type – Select one box only. If you are applying for both licenses, you must submit two application packets, pay fees for each, qualify for both licenses, and pass each of the two exams.

Section III, Education – Provide information for colleges or universities attended.  Include the name, city, state, dates of attendance, major, and degree earned, if any.

Section IV, Professional References – Provide three professional references. Include the name, address, and phone number for each person submitting a reference. At least one of these persons must be a current or past supervisor or employer who verifies your required supervisory experience.

Section V, Fees – Attach a $100 nonrefundable fee with each application you submit. The fee covers the costs of processing the application. Applications received without a fee are not processed. Attach a $2 background check fee with each application you submit. Make checks and money orders payable to Texas Health and Human Services.

Section VI, Employment History – Begin with your current or last employer and go back at least 10 years. Describe each position as a separate employment history entry, even those held under the same employer. When describing your relevant work or supervisory experience, provide the details required by the law and rules for administrator’s licenses.

Section VII, Felony and Professional Charges and Convictions – Read each question carefully and select Yes or No. A “Yes” response does not automatically preclude licensure; however, if you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, you must attach a detailed explanatory statement. You will be notified of any additional requirements.

Section VIII, Military Service – Select No or Yes and provide the dates of service. If requesting expedited licensure, provide additional documentation demonstrating your status as a military member, military spouse or military veteran.

Section IX, Privacy Statement – Read the HHS privacy policy at

Section X, Certification and Signature – Read the statements and if you agree, sign and date Form 3015.