Form 2971, Child Care Licensing Request for Background Check

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Updated: 2/2020



This form is used to request a background check.



When to Prepare When must I complete the background check request?

Each person at your operation who is required to have a background check must complete all required background checks prior to having direct access or providing direct care to the children in care.

How does a child care operation submit a background check request?

If your operation is a licensed child care center, school-age program, before- or after-school program, licensed child care home, registered home or residential care provider, your operation must submit your background check requests through your online Child Care Licensing Account.

If your operation is a listed family home, employer-based child care operation or shelter operation, your operation may submit your background check requests through your online Child Care Licensing Account, by emailing the background check request form to, by faxing the background check request form to 512-339-5871, or by mailing the background check request form to:

Texas Health and Human Services
Commission Centralized Background Check Unit
P.O. Box 149030, Mail Code 121-7
Austin, TX 78714-9030


Transmittal and Fee

Submit background check requests to:

Is there a fee for processing background check requests?

Yes. The fee is $2 for each person.  

When do I pay for background check requests?

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each quarter (September, December, March and June) with the total amount due for the previous three months. For example, if you submitted 20 background checks for people between June and August, you will receive a $40 invoice for background check fees in September.  

Failure to submit fee payments can result in suspension, revocation or the expiration of your permit.  If a fingerprint check is required, a separate fee for obtaining a fingerprint check must be paid to the DPS Fingerprinting Service Center for each person obtaining a fingerprint check at the time of the fingerprinting appointment.

For information on that fee and scheduling a fingerprint-based check, see the Centralized Background Check Unit Fingerprinting page at