Form H1830-I, Interview Notice (Applications or Reviews)

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Effective Date
H1830-I.pdf (233.12 KB)


Updated: 1/2011


TANF, SNAP and Medical Programs:

  • To schedule interview appointments.
  • To tell clients to bring items needed for the interview.


When to Prepare

TANF, SNAP and Medical Programs:

Once the household provides an application for assistance — online, in-person, through the mail or by fax — to a Health and Human Services Commission benefit office, staff use the State Portal Scheduler to schedule an interview.

The Texas Integrated Eligibility System (TIERS) triggers Form H1830-I to be sent to households for all types of Texas Works programs that require an interview and are scheduled or rescheduled through the State Portal Scheduler.


  • The form is only generated by TIERS and is mailed through the batch process or is given by hand to the client.
  • Staff may reprint the form if a household requests a copy from TIERS History Correspondence.
  • TIERS will not allow staff to generate the form through Manual Correspondence.

Form Retention

TIERS maintains a copy of the form in History Correspondence.