Form H1163, TWC Employment Registration

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Effective Date
H1163.pdf (42.57 KB)
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Updated: 4/2001



To provide staff a way to register the TANF-UP primary wage earner (PWE) parent for employment with TWC. Refer to A-1060 for information that must be provided to the PWE.


When to Prepare

The advisor completes Form H1163 and sends it to TWC when referring a TANF-UP applicant or recipient PWE who lives in

  • any county and is exempt because he is too remote for participation, or
  • a minimum service Choices county and is nonexempt.

Number of Copies

An original and one copy.


Send the original to TWC. Give the copy to the client.

Form Retention

HHSC does not keep copies of Form H1163.

Detailed Instructions