Form H1088, Verification of Parenting Skills Training

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 1/1999



Updated: 1/1999



To provide workers with a source for verifying and documenting compliance with parenting skills training.



When to Prepare

Provide the household one Form H1088 for each person referred to parenting skills training.

Staff instruct the client to take the form to the parenting skills provider unless the client is able to provide HHSC with a certificate, letter, or other documentation that verifies completion of training.

Number of Copies

An original and one copy.


Give the original to the applicant/recipient (one for each member). File the copy in the case record with the current Form H1010-B.

Form Retention

Keep Form H1088 for three years from the month the form is signed by the parenting skills provider.


Detailed Instructions

Enter the date the form is prepared, the office and client information, and the date the information should be returned, when appropriate.

Enter the client name and date of birth. The provider completes the rest of the form.