Form H1077, Notice of TANF Federal Time Limits

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 10/2019


Updated: 4/2000


  • To use as an attachment to manual
    • Form H1009, TANF/Food Stamp Benefits Notice of Eligibility; or
    • Form H1017, Notice of Benefit Denial or Reduction.
  • To notify a TANF household of the federal time limit information that applies to the caretaker and/or second parent.


When to Prepare

Complete Form H1077 for all TP 01 and 61 households

  • at application when providing Form H1009 or Form H1017.
  • at incomplete review when providing initial federal time limit information to caretaker or second parent who is added to the case.
  • when there is a change or correction to the federal time limit.
  • when notifying the household of the end of the household's federal time limit.

Number of Copies

Complete an original and two copies.


The Texas Works advisor gives an original and one copy to the client.

Form Retention

File one copy under Miscellaneous/Correspondence. Keep it for three years after the case is denied.

Detailed Instructions

I. Case Name, Case No., Date:

These items are self-explanatory. Complete Section I every time Form H1077 is completed.

II. Notice of Federal Time Limits Used:

Complete this section except when completing Section IV.

Item A — Enter the number of months of state time limit months used that count toward the client's federal time limit.

Item B — Enter the number of months of TANF benefits received since October 1999.

Item C — Determine the number of months used by adding Item A and Item B.

Enter the name of the caretaker or second parent. Enter the number of federal time limit months used.

III. Change/Correction:

Use to advise the caretaker or second parent of a change to the federal time limit and the reason for the change. When this section is completed, you also have to complete Section II.

IV. Notice of End of Federal Time Limit:

Use to advise the household that their federal time limit has ended.