Form H1044, Standby Log

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 3/1981


Updated: 1/1994


  • To register clients who come to the office without an appointment and want to see a worker.
  • To document the number of clients interviewed during the month who did not have an appointment.
  • To assign case maintenance activities.
  • To provide a record of client-reported changes (optional).


When to Prepare

The clerical staff prepare and maintain this form each day.

Number of Copies

The clerical staff prepare one copy of the form each day. As many forms as necessary may be used each day.


Staff keep the logs in a notebook or file folder. At the end of the month, staff remove all forms from the notebook and file them with the appointment schedules for that month.

Form Retention

The requirements are listed in the Manager's Guide for Eligibility Programs .


Date — Enter the date the log is prepared.

Time of Arrival— Enter the time the client comes into the office.

Time Seen — Enter the time the worker interviews the client.

Client Name — Enter the client's or case name.

Request — Describe the reason the client wants to see a worker.

Worker's Initials — The worker enters his initials at the time he interviews the client.