Form H1008, Authorization for Cancellation or Issuance of Public Assistance Warrants

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Effective Date
H1008.pdf (119.26 KB)


Updated: 1/2012


To notify Fiscal Management to cancel, issue, or reissue a warrant. Do not use the form to report lost or stolen warrants (see Form H1008-A). Do not use the form to request issuance of a replacement warrant for lost or stolen warrants.


When to Prepare

Form H1008 is a multi-purpose form. Section II is used to notify Fiscal Management to cancel warrants. Section III is used to authorize Fiscal Management to make retroactive, supplemental or reissuance payments when they cannot be authorized using Form H1000-A/B/C.

Number of Copies

Print legibly or type an original and one copy.


Submit the original Form H1008 to Fiscal Management, State Office, Mail Code 3500 or fax to 512-487-3400. File the copy under Miscellaneous in the case record.

Electronic Transmittal

This form may be mailed electronically to Fiscal Management through Outlook. Forms sent electronically are delivered to an Outlook mailbox.

  • Outlook users send the form to:

Exception: If you are requesting five or more warrants in Section III, you must obtain your supervisor's signature and you must mail it to Fiscal Management, Mail Code 3500.

Form Retention

Keep the case record copy for three years after the recipient's death or denial.

Note: For Texas Works, the requirements are listed in the Manager's Guide for Eligibility Programs.

Detailed Instructions



To authorize the cancellation of warrants on active Type Program 01, 21 and 61 cases.

1 Determine whether Form H1008 — Section II is needed.
- If warrant is returned to Fiscal ... Then ...
- after case has been denied, Form H1008 — Section II is not needed (warrant will be cancelled automatically).
- after case has been changed to MAO and no new address is on SAVERR, -
- while case is ACTIVE TP 01 or 61 but case is subsequently denied/changed to MAO and no release authorization is received in Fiscal by the last workday of the month the case is denied/changed to MAO, -
- with Form H4100 (Money Receipt) and nothing indicates the client is eligible for warrant, -
- without any correspondence (including envelopes) to indicate client is eligible for warrant and warrant is marked CANCEL or VOID, -
- in damaged/mutilated condition and nothing indicates the client is eligible for warrant, -
- to be cancelled and reissued to new payee or in different amount, Form H1008 — Section II is needed (also complete Section II A and B).
- and case remains active TP 01, 21 or 61 but client is ineligible for the warrant in question, Form H1008 — Section II is needed.
2 Complete Section I — Case Information.




3 Complete Section II — Authorization to Cancel.
- If you are ... Then ...
- returning warrant(s) with Form H1008 to authorize cancellation,
  • complete Section II.
  • attach warrant(s) and the first copy of Form H4100, Money Receipt, to the front of the Form H1008.
- authorizing cancellation of warrant(s) but not returning warrant(s) to state office with Form H1008, Use direct SAVERR inquiry or call local DCU to ensure that SAVERR warrant history screen shows the warrant(s) on hold (Status C or R). Advisors receive notice by RP-24B or RA-24 as warrants are placed on hold.
- - If warrant is ... Then ...
- - on hold (status C or R), complete Section II.
- - not on hold, contact Fiscal Division (512-487-3435) for further action
FORM H1008.
- authorizing cancellation of more than five warrants, use additional Form(s) H1008 and complete Sections I, II, and IV on each form.
- If reissuance of a cancelled warrant is necessary, Complete Section III A and B.
4 Complete Section IV — Advisor Information.
Note: Do not write VOID or CANCEL or stamp For Deposit Only in State Treasury on warrants being returned to Fiscal Division. This cancels warrants for which the client may be eligible.



To authorize the issuance of benefits that cannot be authorized using Form H1000-A/B. Note: Do not use Form H1008 to request reissuance of a lost or stolen warrant (issuance Type Code 3).

1 Determine whether Form H1008 — Section III is needed.
- If ... and inquiry on PA case shows ... then ...
- the client reports that he did not receive a warrant case is active TP 01 or 61 and there is no warrant history for the month in question, Form H1008 — Section III is appropriate.
- a warrant has been cancelled and a replacement warrant is to be issued a warrant status of DCA for month in question, -
- advisor determines that the client is due additional benefits for month in question a warrant issued for month in question, -
- any other situation exists, Form H1008 — Section III is not appropriate.
2 Complete Section I — Case Information
3 Check the appropriate box in Section III to indicate the action being requested.
- If requesting issuance of ... then check ...
- initial benefits owed a client for month(s) before the month in which the application is certified or if requesting issuance of restored benefits, RETROACTIVE.
- additional benefits owed to a household for the current or future month when initial benefits have already been issued, SUPPLEMENTAL.
- benefits to replace benefits (warrants) that have been cancelled, REISSUANCE.
4 Determine whether Form H1008 is submitted to provide supplemental, restored (retroactive), or on-going benefits as a result of a fair hearing decision. If yes, check the box to alert Fiscal Division.


5 Complete Section III-A.
- Item Information Required
- a. Month/Year Enter the month and year the recipient was entitled to a retroactive, restoration, supplement, or reissuance payment.
- b. Original Grant Amount If request is for a ... then enter ...
- - supplemental or restoration warrant, the grant amount the client was certified to receive for the month of underpayment (disregard any recoupment deductions).
- - retroactive warrant, 0.
- - reissuance warrant, Cancelled.
- c. Number Certified If request is for a ... then enter ...
- - supplemental warrant, the number of children and adults certified in original grant amount.
- - restoration, retroactive or reissuance warrant, 0.
- d. Correct Grant Amount Enter the grant amount the client was entitled to receive (disregard any recoupment deductions).
- - If request is for a supplemental warrant, do not submit Form H1008 until the Form H1000-B with correct grant amount has been processed. Exception: If Form H1000-B cannot be processed to indicate the correct grant amount in Item 70, Recommended Grant, include an explanation in the Form H1008 comment section.
- e. Correct Number Certified Enter the number of children and adults who should have been certified.
- f. Warrant Amount Requested Enter the amount of the retroactive, restoration, supplemental or reissuance payment (the difference between the correct grant amount and the original grant amount).
- g. Financial Penalty Enter the PRA financial penalty amount from which the TANF benefit is reduced. Enter PRA penalty code.
- h. Type Warrant Enter the appropriate code to identify the type warrant:
A = TANF   U = TANF-SP   R = RCA
S = Adoption subsidy


6 Complete Section IV — Advisor Information.
- Complete Section III-B only when requesting reissuance of a warrant that has been or will be cancelled and reissued to a different person or in a different amount. A warrant will not be reissued until the original warrant for that month is cancelled.
- a. Make a SAVERR inquiry to determine the status of the original warrant (unless you are returning the original warrant with Form H1008 for cancellation).
- - If warrant status
is ...
then ...
- - DCA
warrant has been cancelled — Complete Form H1008, Section III A and B to reissue.
- - CA or RA warrant is on hold in state office — Complete Form H1008 Section II to cancel and Section III A and B to reissue.
- - A warrant has been issued and has not been returned to state office — Do not complete Form H1008 to reissue: call Fiscal Division to request further action (at 512-487-3435).
- b. Enter case number, category, case name and address of person to whom warrant is to be issued.
- c. Enter Guardian/FBO/Protective Payee name if applicable. -

Sign and date Form H1008.

Obtain supervisor's or his designee's signature if

  • requesting five or more retroactive or supplemental payments, or
  • Form H1008 will be faxed to Fiscal Division because of a fair hearing decision.