Form 1317, Pharmacy Eligibility Verification Portal Access Form

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Effective Date: 10/2017


Updated: 2/2019


To allow Vendor Drug Program (VDP) enrolled pharmacy providers to create a free account for the VDP Eligibility Verification Portal (EVP). EVP is a browser-based application used to obtain a person’s enrollment status, pharmacy benefits and managed care participation.

Detailed Instructions

  1. The pharmacy is required to designate an administrator in order for the Eligibility Verification Portal (EVP) Access Form to be processed.
  2. This administrator resets the passwords on the EVP and individual user passwords are then sent to the administrator who will forward to the appropriate user. It is the administrator's responsibility, when an employee leaves, to send an updated form to Conduent listing only current users. This will ensure access is removed for users that are no longer with the pharmacy.
    • A link is emailed to the designated administrator for creating a new password. The link is valid for 12 hours and becomes invalid if forwarded.
    • The user will have a user ID assigned by email. The user is prompted to change the password the first time the user logs in. If the user forgets or wants to reset the password, then click the “Forgot/Change Password” link on the EVP screen.
    • After 90 days of inactivity, the user's access to the EVP is terminated.
  3. The EVP is online at
    • From the dropdown box, select “Eligibility Verification” and then enter your User ID and password.
    • The EVP is accessible only through the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
    • The browser is available free from
  4. Refer to the “NCPDP E1 Transaction Accepted Response” payer sheet for the full list and explanation of the field responses. Download the VDP Pharmacy Provider Payer Sheets from the "Downloads" page at


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