Form H0920, Notice from the Community Organization Helping You

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Effective Date: 9/2010


Updated: 9/2010


  • To notify Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applicants or recipients that action on their application is delayed because either more information is needed or because the application and supporting documents must be forwarded to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for final processing.
  • To identify information needed to complete action on the SNAP case.
  • To give applicants a notice that demonstrates that an eligibility interview with a Community-Based Organization (CBO), with which the state contracts to serve SNAP clients, has been conducted.
  • To give applicants a notice that records the applicant's file date.
  • To give applicants a notice that contains contact information both for the CBO and contact information for the state agency.
  • To provide the certification office receiving the application from the CBO with a suspense record for the pending case.
  • To advise the applicant the dates by which any additional information is needed.

Note: Allow at least 10 days to return information for all clients for whom information is requested. A general message on the notice informs clients that the state is expected to make a decision on the request for aid no later than 30 days from the application file date.


When to Prepare

The CBO completes Form H0920 to notify each applicant household of a delay in processing the individual's request for SNAP and:

  • to acknowledge that HHSC must still take final action on the household's application/case, or
  • to request additional information from the household.

Note: The CBO also performs SNAP outreach in which CBO staff members accept applications, but do not interview households. If the CBO staff person provides application assistance only, the CBO staff person will not provide Form H0920.

Number of Copies

An original and one copy.


A CBO staff member gives the original to the SNAP applicant/recipient and informs the individual to submit any additional information as soon as possible.

The copy serves as a suspense document for reference while the case is pending and must be submitted along with the application and other documentary evidence to HHSC by the CBO.

Form Retention

The form retention requirements are the same for the form as for the entire SNAP case record. The form must be included with the case record, whether an electronic or physical case record. Retention information is discussed more fully in the Texas Works Manager's Guide.