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    Download and print individual WIC policies and procedures, or print the entire manual.

    Topics: Children, Food, Licensing and Credentialing, Policy, WIC Providers, Women

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    Information for Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women program providers in Texas

    Topics: Children, Health Services Providers, Women

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    Information for the WIC program materials catalog, including how to order the items.

    Topics: Children, WIC Providers, Women

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    Information for Title V Maternal and Child Health Fee-for-Service Program Providers

    Topics: Health Services Providers, Women, Children

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    CHIP perinatal coverage provides care to unborn children of pregnant women who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have household income up to 202 percent of the federal poverty income level. 

    Topics: Benefits, Children, Health, Women

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    Title V prenatal care contractors may provide prenatal care and bill Title V for a maximum of the first two prenatal care visits for women who are in the process of applying for and enrolling in CHIP perinatal services.

    Topics: Health Services Providers, Health, Women, Children

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