WIC Weekly Memos and Bulletins

Memos, policy changes, and important messages are listed here. Documents are listed in order by date posted on the Web, which may be different from the date on the memo.

Some of the memo attachments are too complex to attach to the memos and may be sent in the Current Memos emails that you receive weekly.

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Weekly Memos & Bulletins

WIC Weekly Memos & Bulletins

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Number Title/Notes Date Published
23-015 New Zobey Videos and Birthday Cards
21-116 The extension of overtime related to reissuance of CVB
21-115 Infant Feeding Lunch and Learn Series IV
21-114 Revisions to Stock no. 13-06-11496/a Breastfeeding and Returning to Work
21-113 New WIC Director Orientation and WIC Financial Management Training
21-112 New training schedule now available for December and January
21-111 Revisions to Policy CS:33.0 – High Risk Referrals
21-109 Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Bag Order Opportunity
21-108 Revisions to Policy CS:19.0 – Midpoint Screening
21-107 Two Revised Materials Available: Texas WIC Formula Change Form and Help Your Baby Change to a New Formula