WIC Training

Training for Staff

WIC staff must complete required training prior to performing duties. Policy TR:03.0 outlines the training requirements. Each agency is required to designate a training coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that appropriate and timely training is provided for their agency staff and documented for review.

Training Policy

TR:03.0 Required Local Agency Training/Summary (PDF) (Rev. 05/01/17)

Staff training resources are available on Texas WIC Training for Staff, the learning management system for WIC Staff.

Additional guidance for the training requirements are provided in the supplemental training requirements charts below.

Training Policy Guidance

The charts below are guides for training topics and timeframes for completion per policy. These are intended to help staff acquire appropriate and timely training before performing their duties independently. If you have any questions regarding training policy or completing training according to these guides, please contact your designated LA training coordinator.

Training Requirement Charts

Texas WIC Training Central

The Texas WIC Training Central is where you'll be able to see what trainings you have registered for, attended, or are in the process of viewing. Additionally, the person designated as the Texas WIC Training Administrator at your local agency will be able to pull reports, activate and de-activate staff, reset passwords and more (see our short just-in-time trainings for help with this).

How to Get Started

You must be entered into the system either by your Texas WIC Training Administrator or a State Texas WIC Training Administrator to be able to start viewing and tracking trainings. Check with your WIC director to find out if you are unsure.

Once you are entered into the system, visit the WIC Training Central and use your email to log in. You can view all of your trainings in the "Home" tab, using either the "My Calendar" or "My Training" features. Most other functions and tabs will not be accessible.

Texas WIC Training Catalog

The Texas WIC Training Catalog is where you can see all of the trainings being offered, learn more about the trainers, and view and register for trainings.

How to Get Started

Visit the Texas WIC Training Catalog to and scroll through to browse trainings you would like to register for or view. You can filter the trainings using the popular tags on the right-hand side or view trainings in calendar view by clicking on the "Date View" option located just above the popular tags.

Once you find a training you would like to view, click "Register." Be sure you use your registered email and password to sign up for this training.

If you fill out the form without using your correct login or if you accidentally type in your login incorrectly, it will consider you a "guest," which means it will not allow you into some trainings and it will not track your attendance in any of the trainings.

Tip: If you're logged into Texas WIC Training Central while you view the catalog, it will recognize you and makes registration faster.

Need Help?

If you are a WIC staff member and need technical assistance, email the WIC LMS Administrator or call 512-374-6371.

If you are a WIC vendor and need assistance, please contact 800-252-9629 or email WICVendorInfo@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Attending Live Webinars

Live webinars are a great way to engage with a live trainer, and can be found easily in the training catalog under the tag "Webinar". Live Webinars will be open about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start of the training. It is recommended that you sign in early in order to have enough time to solve any technical issues you may encounter.

Some webinars do not allow late entry and you may not receive credit for attendance. If you have specific concerns, please contact the instructor listed in the training catalog.

If no attendees are logged in to the training within 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, the webinar will be cancelled.

WIC Staff Training and Continuing Education Units

Some trainings have been approved to offer continuing education units for WIC Staff who participate, stay for the entire training, and complete an evaluation. Click on the "Continuing Education" tag in the catalog for easy access and view trainings details for specific information on hours for each course.

For a live training, the presenter will give you instructions how to claim your continuing education units. Once the State Agency has verified attendance and participation for live trainings, certificates will be sent to your LA's administrative office on a quarterly basis. Recorded trainings will have the option for downloading a certificate of completion.

If you have any questions about CEUs, please contact us.

If you have difficulty accessing content using assistive technology, please email us at accessibility@hhsc.state.tx.us and we will be glad to assist you.

Texas WIC Live Online Training Schedule

The Texas WIC Live Online Training Schedule is where you’ll be able to see all the live online trainings we have to offer for the coming months. The registration link to each training is included in the schedule. This schedule will be updated monthly.

Live Online Training Schedule (PDF)

Please check with your management before registering for a training to ensure adequate clinic coverage.

Need Help?

If you have questions about any trainings offered on the schedule, please email the contact listed for that training.

Texas WIC Power of Influence Training

WIC Power of Influence Training

Training Description

The Texas WIC Power of Influence Training (POI) is offered to all local agency WIC staff. The training emphasizes the importance of emotion-based messages and human behavior in helping clients enjoy their WIC experience, achieve their goals and celebrate success. Learning the influence principles has shown to improve job satisfaction as it allows WIC staff to build upon nutrition education counseling skills and take them to the next level.

Training Goals

  • Increase the value of WIC services.
  • Explore ways to support healthy behavior change.
  • Build upon nutrition education counseling skills.
  • Learn about influence principles and how to apply them throughout the WIC experience.
  • Improve job satisfaction and celebrate success!

How do local agencies receive the Power of Influence training?

Step 1: Apply to Host the Training
It’s easy! Texas WIC directors can sign up by completing the online Power of Influence Training Application. This information helps us prepare your local agency for a successful training.

Step 2: Coordinate Logistics
After your application is received, a state agency staff member will contact you to schedule your agency’s training. General training information:

  • The 8-hour training may be delivered on-site or virtually.
  • On-site training is held at a facility chosen by the local agency such as classroom, nearby hotel conference room or community center.
  • The local agency may be asked to include nearby WIC agencies to meet the minimum class size of 30 participants.
  • This training fulfills the annual customer service training requirement for local agency staff.

Step 3: Attend the Training
Learn how to use the six principles of influence. Local agency staff also receive materials designed to assist in implementing the principles into their daily interactions with clients.

Step 4: Implement and Celebrate!
The resources below are designed for local agencies to use during professional development following the training. Revisiting the principles and discussing implementation can help extend POI enthusiasm and long-term sustainability.

  1. Building the Foundation
  2. Likability
  3. Consensus
  4. Reciprocity
  5. Consistency
  6. Authority
  7. Scarcity

For more information about The Power of Influence training contact Beatrice Watson, Texas WIC Nutrition Education Specialist, at beatrice.watson@hhs.texas.gov.

On-Site Training for WIC Staff

These in-person classes are intended for Texas WIC Staff and may not be applicable to other agencies or institutions; however, anyone may attend the breastfeeding classes. On-site trainings have varying hosted locations. Please see each individual training for additional information.

Breastfeeding Training

Several in-person breastfeeding courses are offered for both WIC staff and healthcare providers. Visit the Breastfeeding Courses page for more information and registration.

New WIC Director Orientation

This training is designed to assist WIC Directors, Assistant WIC Directors and fiscal/financial personnel in operation, policy management and financial aspects of the WIC agency. Get more information and register for an upcoming orientation here.

WIC Nutrition and Breastfeeding Conference

The Nutrition and Breastfeeding Conference is an annual event for WIC staff that provides continuing education opportunities, innovations for WIC, motivational speakers, networking and more. The conference is open for all WIC staff; however, Nutrition Education Coordinators and Breastfeeding Coordinators are required to attend the NBF conference or an approved substitute (per policies BF:02.0 and NE:02.0).

The conference is held in Austin, Texas. For more information please email WICGeneral@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Texas WIN 101 & Automation Training

For information about Texas WIN 101 and other automation classroom trainings offered, please contact Rueben Gámez, Automation Trainer, at 512-341-4409.

WIC Partner Training

The WIC Partner Training Site offers the opportunity for community partners to attend free, online training that can be completed on your own time and at your own pace.

Why did Texas WIC develop this training platform?

Texas WIC is your community partner! As part of our commitment to public health education we understand the barriers related to training, scheduling and cost. Offering high quality, no cost training allows for consistent messaging among all organizations and a better opportunity to increase health outcomes for Texas families. We plan to offer a broad range of training topics including breastfeeding, nutrition and other public health topics.

Is continuing education available?

Some trainings will offer CE credits. Check the website for details.

Will the WIC Partner Training site allow me to track my education?

No, the site will not track individual training. You will receive a certificate at the end of each training that will note the CE provided. Please note: Certificates will only be available to print ONE time. Make sure that you are connected to a printer before beginning the training, or simply take a screen shot of your certificate to print later.

Please visit the WIC Partner Training Site for more information on available trainings. For further questions, please email: WICPartnerTraining@hhsc.state.tx.us.