WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Texas WIC uses an off-line electronic benefits transfer (EBT) smart card with an embedded microchip that contains WIC participants’ benefit information. A point-of-sale (POS) system, equipped with a smart card reader, processes WIC transactions.

Texas WIC has used the off-line WIC-EBT system statewide since April 2009 and has served millions of WIC participants.

Find a WIC Authorized Vendor

Visit the Find a WIC Vendor map to find a WIC authorized vendor

WIC EBT Certified Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Point of sale systems certified to transact Texas WIC EBT cards.

AM/PM Systems
7600 West Tidwell Road, Ste. 110
Houston, TX 77040
Contact: Jeremiah Tjarks
Email: jeremiah.tjarks@ampmservice.com
Phone: 713-357-3030
Website: https://www.ampmservice.com/
Grocer Systems:

Associated Grocers, Inc
8600 Anselmo Ln.
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Contact: Craig Krieger 
Email: Retailsystems@agbr.com
Phone: 225-444-1332
Website: https://www.agbr.com
Grocer System:

CresLane Retail Solutions
425 Soledad, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78205
Contact: Rich Sutton ext. 7503 
Email: sales@creslane.com
Phone: 951-221-0877
Website: https://creslane.com
Grocer System:
Retail Professional
Retail Professional for CresLane Flex (self-checkout)
Retail Professional for NCR Fastlane SelfServ (self-checkout)
Retail Professional for Fujitsu U-SCAN (self-checkout)

DCR Point of Sale Systems
942 Woodland St.
Nashville, TN 37206
Contact: Blake Gillum 
Email: bgillum@dcrpos.com
Phone: 888-429-4493
Website: https://dcrpos.com
Grocer Systems:

DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.
1716 Signal Ridge
Edmond, OK 73013
Contact: Michael Kress 
Email: mkress@dumac.com
Phone: 405-285-2188 x2680
Website: https://www.dumac.com
Grocer Systems:

277 Howard St.
Boone, NC 28607
Contact: Customer Care / Otis Flieth
Email: solutions@ecrs.com
Phone: 828-265-2907
Website: https://www.ecrs.com
Grocer System:
ECRS Catapult

FTS Solutions
10701 Corporate Dr., Ste. 228
Stafford, TX 77477
Contact: Shiv Mathur
Email: shiv@ftssol.com
Phone: 866-477-1741
Website: https://www.ftssol.com
Grocer System:
FTS Cygnus – Retail Management Solution
FTS Webcart (online/curbside)

Global Business Technologies, LLC
505 Commercial Plaza Drive
Palmview, TX 78572
Contact: Danny Hernandez
Email: danny@gbtpos.com
Phone: 956-581-5911
Website: https://gbtpos.com
Grocer System:
GBT Percent POS

North Country Business Products
1640 N. Corrington Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64120-1946
Contact: Russ Land 
Phone: 816-446-9324
Website: https://www.ncbpinc.com
Grocer System:

SoliSYSTEMS Corporation
100 Allentown Pkwy, Ste. 110
Allen, TX 75002
Contact: Roque Solis 
Email: sales@solisystems.com
Phone: 214-256-3083
Website: http://www.solisystems.com
Grocer Systems:
MobiWIC (single-function equipment)

TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions
13912 FM 1730
Lubbock, TX 79424
Contact: Steven Watters, President
Email: swatters@truno.com
Phone: 806-792-2885, ext. 226
Website: https://www.truno.com
Grocer Systems:
NCR SCOT (self-checkout)
Toshiba ACE
Toshiba CHEC (self-checkout)

WIC Drop Ship Vendors

Drop ship vendors authorized to provide specialty infant formulas.

A&P Quality Care Medical LP
8220 Cross Park Dr. Ste. 100
Austin, TX 78754
Contact: Amanda Ashcraft ext. 6310
Email: wic@apqualitycare.com
Contact: Thomas Suniga ext. 6324
Email: wic@apqualitycare.com
Phone: 512-452-5111
Website: https://apqualitycare.com

Aapex Pharmacy+DME
6065 Hillcroft St. Ste. 109
Houston, TX 77081
Contact: Malick Jamal
Email: malickj@aapexpharmacy.com
Phone: 713-270-7771 or 800-314-6499
Website: https://www.aapexpharmacy.com

Angel Medical Supply LLC
5829 W Sam Houston Pkwy N #1209
Houston, TX 77041
Contact: Stephen Hernandez
Email: shernandez@angelmedicalsupply.com
Phone: 713-856-9930
Website: https://www.angelmedicalsupply.com/

Aveanna Medical Solutions
9331 Highway 6 North, Ste 170
Houston, TX 77095
Contact: Rolanda Fountain
Email: Rolanda.Fountain@aveanna.com
Phone: 866-883-1188 or 713-956-5288
Website: https://www.aveanna.com

Davila Pharmacy, Inc.
1423 Guadalupe St. #108
San Antonio, TX 78207
Contact: Rudy Davila
Email: rudyd@davilapharmacy.com
Phone: 210-226-5293
Website: http://www.davilapharmacy.com/

Romo Medical Equipment, LLC
3453 N. Pan Am Expressway, Ste. 105
San Antonio, TX 78219
Contact: Anthony Harpel
Email: Anthony.Harpel@romomedical.com
Contact: Sara Gonzales
Email: Sara.gonzales@romomedical.com
Phone: 210-532-3895
Website: https://romomedical.com

Sentido Health
27905 Commercial Park Rd. #240
Tomball, TX 77375
Contact: Krystell Gray
Email: Krystell.Gray@Sentidohealth.com
Contact: Regina Salinas
Email: Regina.Salinas@sentidohealth.com
Phone: 713-955-2123 or 832-984-7577
Website: https://www.sentidohealth.com

SSS International
4150 Kellway Circle
Addison, TX 75001
Contact: Vanessa Vicente
Email: vanessa@sssi.co
Contact: Nathan Hatton
Email: nathan@sssi.co
Phone: 972-386-3400
Website: https://www.groceryservicesnorth.com/

Star Medical Specialties
4386 Sunbelt Dr.
Addison, TX 75001
Contact: Judy Brown
Email: JBrown@star-medical.net
Phone: 972-380-2065 or 800-368-2065
Website: https://star-medical.net

URS Medical
4830 Lakewood Dr. Ste. 1
Waco, TX 76710
Contact: James Russell 
Email: james@ursmedical.com
Contact: Colton Glaser 
Email: colton@ursmedical.com
Phone: 254-751-1556
Website: http://ursmedical.com

WIC-EBT Contact Us

Email WICEBTSupport@hhs.texas.gov for questions about:

  • General WIC-EBT
  • WIC-EBT Point-of Sale System Certification
  • Reduction Inquiries
  • WIC-EBT Technical Issues
  • Training Cards 
  • Point of Sale Vendor System Referrals

Email WICEBTVendorRedemptions@hhs.texas.gov for questions about:

  • Claim Payments
  • Late Submission & Malformed Claim Disputes
  • Update Vendor Contact Information for Direct Deposit Email Notifications
  • Drop Ship Vendors