WIC Least Expensive Brand

Least Expensive Brand (LEB) – Vendors must declare and sell their least expensive brand (LEB) for each type and size of WIC authorized milk, fluid and frozen juice, cheese and whole wheat/grain bread. At least 85% of an outlet’s WIC monthly redemptions within these food types (category/subcategories) must be the vendor’s declared LEB.

The WIC Least Expensive Brand (LEB) Policy

WIC Vendor Policy WV: 02.0 (PDF)

LEB Food Categories

Vendors must declare their LEB for the following WIC approved food categories:

  • Milk (Whole Milk, Low Fat, Fat Free, & Buttermilk)
  • Cheese (1lb, 2lb, & String)
  • Juice (Fluid & Frozen)
  • Grains (Whole Wheat Bread)

LEB Declaration Form

If you are a new vendor account or adding a new vendor outlet to an existing vendor account and need to declare an LEB, complete the WIC Least Expensive Brand Declaration Form (Fillable PDF).

Vendors must declare a minimum of the following products:

  • One type of ½ gallon milk 
  • One type of quart milk
  • One type of cheese
  • Two different sizes and flavors of juice
  • One type of 16 oz. whole-wheat bread

Email completed forms to WICLEB@hhs.texas.gov or fax to 512-341-4422.

LEB Change Request Form

For changes to declared LEB items, vendors must submit an LEB Change Request Form for approval. Note, if all vendor outlets within one vendor account use the same declared LEB for a food category, then only complete one LEB Change Request Form. If each vendor outlet within one vendor account has different declared LEBs for a food category, then each vendor outlet must complete its own LEB Change Request Form.

Least Expensive Brand Change Request Form (PDF)

Email completed forms to WICLEB@hhs.texas.gov or fax to 512-341-4422

LEB Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I need to declare an LEB for the first time? Which form do I use?
Answer: Complete the LEB Declaration Form.

Question: I need to change a declared LEB. Which form do I use?
Answer: Complete the LEB Declaration Change Request Form.

Question: I cannot find the correct UPC for my LEB. Where can I find it?
Answer: See the Authorized Product List (APL) webpage for a list of WIC approved foods and their UPC.

Question: My universal product code (UPC) is not on the Authorized Product List (APL), how do I get it approved?
Answer: See the UPC webpage for instructions on adding a UPC to the APL.

Question: I received a violation letter and have some questions, who do I contact?
Answer: Please email questions to WICCostContainment@hhs.texas.gov.

WIC Approved Foods Labeling

WIC authorized vendors must follow Texas WIC’s food labeling policy in WV: 1.0 and WV: 2.0.

WIC Label Ordering/Printing

Vendors may order labels using the online Vendor Materials Request Form or by downloading the templates provided here. All downloadable WIC labels must be printed in the approved colors. No exceptions.

Vendor Materials Request Form

WIC LEB Foods Labeling

A WIC authorized vendors’ declared LEBs must be labeled with the state issued WIC Approved Item pink label. However, if a vendor chooses to use their own pink LEB label, the vendor must receive state approval. See Texas WIC Policy WV: 2.0 for instructions.



(Example 1) 


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Downloadable WIC LEB Label Templates

Contact WIC LEB

For LEB-related questions please call 1-800-252-9629 or email WICLEB@hhs.texas.gov.