HCS/TxHmL Applicant Training

The Provider Applicant Training is intended to provide Home & Community-based Services and Texas Home Living Program Providers with an overview of the survey process, provides a basic understanding of Waiver Survey and Certification policies and procedures as well as providing overviews of topics such as Medicaid Eligibility, Program Enrollment/Utilization Review, Life Safety Code, Rates and Analysis, Billing, Claims, Reimbursement and Abuse and Neglect and Exploitation.

Effective January 2023, the Provider Applicant Training is now available online through our HHS Learning Portal.

For more information visit: HCS Applicant Examination Schedule; TxHmL Applicant Examination Schedule for more instructions.

Applicants must complete the PAT training and must get a score of 85% or higher to pass the exam. After completing the PAT, you can apply for a contract. Visit us: How to Become an HCS Provider; How to Become a TxHmL Provider | Texas Health and Human Services and click on "how to apply."