Provider Investigations

If you suspect someone with a disability has been abused, neglected or exploited, call the Department of Family and Protective Services Statewide Intake (DFPS SWI) at 800-252-5400 or make a report online through their secure website: make a report online through their secure website.  

DFPS SWI is open 24-7.

What is HHSC Provider Investigation’s Jurisdiction?

HHSC PI investigates claims of abuse, neglect or exploitation by the following providers:

  • Facilities:
    • State-operated facilities.
    • Intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (IDD).
    • Community services operated by HHSC.
  • People who contract with an HHS agency to provide inpatient mental health services.
  • Community centers, local mental health authorities or local intellectual and developmental disability authorities.
  • People who contract with an HHS agency or managed care organization to provide home and community-based services, except for a Home and Community Support Services Agency.
  • People who contract with a managed care organization to provide behavioral health services; 
  • Managed care organizations.
  • Officers, employees, agents, contractors or subcontractors of the people or organizations listed above
  • Employees, agents, case managers or service coordinators of a Consumer Directed Services employer

Provider Investigations also investigates abuse, neglect or exploitation involving:

  • People living in a Home and Community Based Services (HCS) group home, regardless of whether the receive services under the HCS waiver program from the provider.

Reporting Suspected Abuse of People with Disabilities 


How do I report abuse, neglect or exploitation?

Call the Department of Family and Protective Services Statewide Intake at 800-252-5400 or make a report online through their secure website.  

DFPS SWI is open 24-7.

Will anyone know who made the report?

Provider Investigations will keep your name private, unless the law requires it to be released.  You may make a report anonymously, however, PI can’t let you know the results of the investigation if you keep your name private. PI may send your report to another agency if that agency should investigate it.

What happens after I make a report?

Provider Investigations notifies the provider and when applicable, notifies law enforcement.  

What actions are taken after a report is made?

Provider Investigations:

  • Contacts the victim, witnesses, and the person accused of committing the abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • Collects and analyzes evidence such as photographs, diagrams and video surveillance.
  • Records the investigation and findings in the final investigative report.

How long will the investigation take?

  • Investigations involving State Supported Living Centers must be completed within 10 days.  
  • Investigations involving state hospitals must be completed in either 14 days (for Priority I and II) or 21 days (for Priority III).  
  • For all other providers, the investigation must be completed within 30 days.  
  • Investigations may be extended under certain circumstances.

What happens after the investigation is finished?

Provider Investigations releases the report to the provider and any other entity required by law.

Provider Investigations also informs the reporter of the case finding. The victim is also notified in certain circumstances.  

Who can appeal the investigation’s results? 

  • The service provider’s administrator or attorney
  • The Consumer Directed Services employer or the employer’s legal representative
  • The person who reported the suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • The victim, his or her legal guardian or his or her parent, if the victim is a child
  • Disability Rights Texas, if it represents the victim or is authorized by law to represent the victim

The victim, legal guardian, parent (if the victim is a child) and reporter can ask for an appeal by calling Provider Investigations toll-free at 888-778-4766 within 60 days of the report being signed and dated.

A provider can ask for an appeal for 30 days following the date the investigative report was signed and dated by the investigator. The provider can request for an appeal using the first or second level appeal request forms below:

The first level appeal decision may be appealed no later than 30 calendar days following the date the appeal decision letter is signed.

Find more information on HHSC Provider Investigations in the Provider Investigations Handbook.