Background Check Fees

Costs associated with name-based Texas Criminal History checks and fingerprint-based National Criminal History checks are as follows:

  • Child day care and residential child care operations regulated by Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Regulation pay $2 for every person that they submit for a background check. (Certain residential facilities and foster care settings may be exempt from background check fees).
  • Fingerprint-based National Criminal History checks vary in cost depending on the role of the individual being fingerprinted.
    • The cost for a fingerprint-based check for a paid employee of an organization is $39.75.
    • Foster and adoptive parent applicants, household members, and any other individuals not receiving financial compensation for the role in which the background check is requested pay a reduced rate of $37.75.
    • The overall fingerprinting fee is a collection of several fees:
      • The Texas Department of Public Safety charges $15 to conduct a fingerprint-based check. (The FBI will not conduct a fingerprint-based check until the requesting state conducts one).
      • The FBI charges $13.25 to conduct a fingerprint-based check ($11.25 for foster and adoptive parent applicants and volunteers).
      • The fingerprint vendor charges a processing fee of $11.50. This is a fee set in the contract between DPS and the fingerprint vendor.

Fingerprinting Fees

In child day care and residential child care operations regulated by CCR, the child care operator, director, or employee who is the subject of the background check generally will pay for this fee. Some operations may pay the fee for their employees and/or foster and adoptive parents.

Please see the CCR Background Check FAQs – Fingerprinting page for more information.