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Did you know that caring for even one unrelated child on a regular basis requires a permit in the state of Texas? As a child care provider, your job is meaningful and rewarding. So, the more you know, the better they’ll grow!  When children are well cared for and their families can pursue work or school, families thrive and communities prosper. One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make is choosing a caregiver for their child. While a caregiver’s time with your child can’t replace your own love and attention, choosing quality child care will help develop the whole child by fostering self-esteem and cognitive, language and social skills. 

Child Care Regulation wants to partner with you to ensure children have a safe and healthy environment to learn and grow.

Having a permit has many benefits, including:

  • You get to make a difference. As a child care provider, you provide a service to your community and play an important role in the education of Texas children. Obtaining a permit shows parents you are committed to the child care profession.
  • Free advertising. CCR offers an online database for parents to search for regulated child care in their area. This is a great way to highlight your child care services and program information.
  • Access to government programs and resources:
  • Child safety guidance and training. CCR offers help to ensure that your environment and care protects you and the children in your care. Training is available on topics including safe sleep for infants, working with children who have special needs and their families, identifying safety and health hazards inside and outside of your home, transportation safety and more. To learn about training opportunities, visit the AgriLife website.

Information on the requirements on how to become a day care or residential care provider, Exemption Request materials and additional Child Care Regulation resources can be found below.

Child Day Care

Residential Care

Child Care Exemptions

The programs exempt from regulation by Child Care Regulation fall into four categories:

Visit Licensing Exemptions for exemption request forms and frequently asked questions related to exemptions.

Additional Resources