Updates for Child Care Licensing Background Checks

January 2019 Updates to Background Checks

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has adopted changes to 26 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 745, and 26 TAC, Chapter 743, relating to background check requirements, that became effective on Jan. 13, 2019.

These changes, made in response to changing federal and state laws and advanced technology, reflect a comprehensive revision of the background check rules that apply to licensed, registered, listed, and certified child care operations.

The information and documents available on this page are intended to give providers both a comprehensive and summarized overview of the changes that became effective on January 13, 2019.

All Child Care Operations, Child Care Homes, and Licensed Administrators

  • Rule Changes (PDF)
    This document is a draft of the rule changes that will become effective on Jan. 13, 2019.
  • Crosswalk of Changes to Background Check Rules (PDF)
    This document is a crosswalk of the deleted or amended background check rules that are being replaced with new or amended background check rules.
  • Comprehensive List of Significant Changes (PDF)
    This document lists each new or amended rule number related to background checks and describes the significant changes made to each new or amended rule.
  • National Rap Back (PDF)
    This document provides information related to CCL's participation in the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Rap Back service for persons who have had a fingerprint check.
  • Notifications (PDF)
    This document provides information regarding how CCL’s Centralized Background Check Unit will notify operations of a person’s background check results. This document applies to all operation except child-placing agencies.
  • Employee List Validation (PDF)
    This document explains the reason operations must validate the operation’s active list of employees (and other individuals associated with the operation that must have a background check) and the process for validating the list.
  • Background Checks Overview- Child Day Care Provider (PDF) 
    This document provides an overview of changes related to background check requirements that are applicable to Child Day Care Operations.
  • Background Checks Overview-24 Hour Residential Child Care Provider (PDF) 
    This document provides an overview of changes related to background check requirements that are applicable to 24-Hour Residential Child Care Operations.

Licensed Child Care Centers, Before and After-School Programs, and School-Age Programs

Licensed Child Care Homes and Registered Child Care Homes

Listed Family Homes

Temporary Shelter Care Operations, Small Employer-Based Child Care Operations, and Listed Family Homes Caring Only for Related Children

General Residential Operations

Child-Placing Agencies

Licensed Administrators