Comprehensive Hospital Increase Reimbursement Program (CHIRP)

The Comprehensive Hospital Increase Reimbursement Program is one of four directed payment programs (DPPs) HHSC submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval as part of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Transition Plan. CMS approved on March 25, 2022.


CHIRP is a DPP for hospitals providing healthcare services to adults and children enrolled in the STAR and STAR+PLUS Medicaid managed care programs. Eligible hospitals include children's hospitals, rural hospitals, mental health hospitals, state-owned hospitals, and urban hospitals.

SFY 2024 (Y3) Measures and Requirements

Proposed SFY 2025 (Y4) Measures and Requirements

The proposed quality metrics and requirements are submitted to CMS for annual program review and approval. The final quality metrics and requirements will be posted following CMS’ approval.

SFY 2023 (Y2) Measures and Requirements

SFY 2022 (Y1) Measures and Requirements


CHIRP rules §353.1306 and §353.1307

Contact Information

Reporting Portal Access

If you are participating in the CHIRP program, you will use the reporting portal to access templates, review technical guidance, and submit your quality reporting. Refer to the Reporting Portal User Guide (PDF) for instructions on creating an IAMOnline account, requesting access to the DPP reporting portal, FAQs and additional resources.