Contact MDS Program Staff

MDS Automation Coordinator

For questions about Texas-specific software settings, data transmission/correcting errors and CASPER Reports (including Final Validation and Missing Assessment reports).

Brian S. Johnson (Interim)
Phone: 512-565-6681

Mailing Address:
Brian S. Johnson (Interim)
HHSC MDS Automation Coordinator
Mail Code E-345
701 W 51st ST
Austin, TX 78751

MDS RAI Coordinator

For questions from providers and state staff in Texas about federal requirements for MDS record and assessment completion by all certified nursing facilities and swing bed facilities; as well as state requirements for MDS record and assessment completion by all licensed-only nursing facilities or wings (including any item on the MDS, CAAs, Care Planning and quality measures).

Susan Edgeman, RN
Phone: 210-431-5106

Mailing Address:
Susan Edgeman
HHSC MDS RAI Coordinator
Mail Code 2803
1607 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX 78228

LTCMI, Medicaid Information, MN/LOC and the TMHP Portal

Texas Medicaid Policy and Medicaid Reimbursement Questions

  • Contact the Provider Claims Services Hotline at 512-438-2200.

jRAVEN, MDS Logon Accounts, QIES Accounts and the QIES Website

CMSNet Connection and Juniper Client Issues

Medicare Skilled Diagnoses and Payment Questions

  • Contact the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) / Fiscal Intermediary (FI) for the nursing facility. The Texas MAC is Novitas Solutions at 1-855-252-8782.