Nursing Facility Posters

HHSC is mandated to create and provide nursing facilities with one of the posters required by Texas Administrative Code, Title 26, Part 1, Chapter 554, §554.1921(e), the notice of how to file a complaint, giving the toll-free telephone number.

HHSC has also created and makes available to providers a few other postings required by 26 TAC, Chapter 554, including the following:

  • a notice that inspection and survey reports are available at the facility for public inspection;
  • the statement of resident rights;
  • a notice that employees, residents, volunteers, family members and guardians of residents are protected from discrimination or retaliation for reporting abuse or neglect of a resident; and
  • a sign that persons may not enter the premises with a handgun.

Individual posters or complete sets of these posters can be obtained by calling HHSC Long-Term Care Regulatory Services Records Management at (512) 438-2633 or email a request to Regulatory Service Records Management.

If you already have the posters in your facility, the only reason you would need to request new posters is to replace frayed, worn, ripped, discolored, or older posters.

HHSC also requires the posting of a notice mandated by new Section 1150B of the Social Security Act regarding the reporting of the reasonable suspicion of a crime.

Please note that the above list is not all-inclusive and does not represent all required postings. Nursing facilities are responsible for compliance with all licensure requirements and required postings therein.