Waiver Survey & Certification (WSC) Provider Portal

Texas HHSC has developed the WSC Provider Portal, an online system for Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Waiver program providers.

The WSC Provider Portal will allow HCS and TxHmL program providers to:

  • Submit notification and accompanying documentation for finalized Provider Investigations reports.
  • Submit notification and documentation related to the death of an individual.
  • Receive survey reports and letters.
  • Submit Evidence and Plans of Correction.
  • Provide access to program provider accounts.

WSC Provider Portal Training

Listen to HHSC's “Introduction to the New WSC Portal for HCS and TxHmL Program Providers” webinar recording to assist new users with navigating the WSC Provider Portal.

Provider Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do providers sign-in and register for the new WSC application?

Visit the WSC Portal to login or register.

What if providers already have Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal, TULIP or IDD Operations Portal login credentials?

Users with access to TULIP and IDD portal can directly login with their existing credentials. There is no need to register for a new WSC portal account.

What provider types can use WSC portal currently?

Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Waiver program providers can use the WSC portal.

What information is required to register for the new portal?

Providers will need to provide first name, middle name last name, Component Code, Phone, Email, Tax Payer ID, Contract Number to register.

What if a user forgot their WSC portal password?

Providers can click on forgot password link on the login page to reset the password.

What information is required to reset the WSC portal account password?

Providers will need to enter their user name (email.wsc) to reset their password.

How will the provider be notified of any pending actions or requests from HHSC?

Providers will receive automated email notifications for the pending requests from HHSC.

Can multiple users register for the same component code?

Multiple users are allowed to register using the same component code.

How will the access to the contract related to the component code work?

Providers will receive access to all the contracts under a component code after successful validation of all the details provided.

Can one user have access to multiple component codes?

One user can request access for multiple component codes after registration using the “Additional Comp Codes” tab.

Questions about WSC Provider Portal?

Send us an email.