Texas Boarding Home Model Standards

As required by House Bill 216 (81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2009), The model standards were published in the Aug. 27, 2010, edition of the Texas Register.

A county or municipality may require the issuance of a permit to operate a boarding home facility within its jurisdiction. Counties and municipalities may adopt the model standards developed by HHSC for the operation of a boarding home, and may require a boarding home holding a permit issued by the county or municipality to comply with the adopted model standards.
If your county or municipality has chosen to adopt the standards, then, as provided by Section 260.010(a) of the Texas Health and Safety Code, not later than September 30th of each year after the standards are adopted, the county or municipality must submit a report to DADS that includes:

  • the total number of boarding home facilities permitted during the preceding state fiscal year;
  • the number of active permits;
  • the total number of residents in each boarding home facility; and
  • the total number of inspections conducted of boarding home facilities.


The Boarding Home Facilities Report is an accounting of progress since model standards were enacted. The model standards are methods for regulating boarding homes, including recommendations on clarifying the authority of and granting additional authority to counties and municipalities to establish health and safety standards for boarding homes. Subsequent reports will be issued no later than Jan. 1 of each odd-numbered year. The reports can be found here.

State Statutes


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