Core Function Two: Warning

Warning systems disseminate timely forecasts of disasters and ensure that people take appropriate protective actions. Ensure that your disaster plan considers the following topics.

Recognizing Impending Disasters

Consider questions such as:

  1. How will your staff in each shift obtain details or update information about an impending disaster?
  2. Who will inform your facility or agency of mandatory evacuations?

Ensure that staff members listen for tornado, hurricane, and other severe weather warnings and for warnings of man-made disasters (such as chemical spills). Such warnings might come through TV, phone, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather alert radios, warning sirens, officials who come to your facility, etc. National Weather Service forecasts are also at:

Issuing Warnings

Consider questions such as:

  1. Who will locate, notify, and recall staff members who are not on-site?
  2. Who will warn residents, individuals, and clients? Who will warn their families?
  3. How will warnings be issued?

For example, develop a procedure for quickly alerting staff to close doors and windows and to keep residents indoors when a spill or release of hazardous materials requires that people stay indoors.

Contacting External Support Personnel and Services

Consider questions such as:

  1. Who will your facility or agency alert for assistance?
  2. How will contact be made?
  3. How will you know whether utilities that serve your facility are still viable?