About EMResource

EMResource has replaced the Facility Inventory, Vacancy and Evacuation Status (FIVES) system as of November 2014. The EMResource is a system that is used statewide for tracking available hospital beds, hospital and Emergency Medical Services resources, and other emergency response data. It is now available for use by LTC facilities.

Users can access the EMResource from multiple sources such as computers, smartphones, iPads or tablets.

DADS encourages LTC facilities to become familiar with the EMResource and enter their current number of vacancies before the next hurricane or emergency. For instructions on how to obtain a user name and password for EMResource please see Provider Letter 15-04 – Discontinuation of the Facility Inventory, Vacancy and Evacuation Status System.

During an evacuation event, it is the responsibility of each facility:

  • to use EMResource to update its vacancy data.
  • to identify potential partners able to accept evacuees.
  • to make resident-transfer arrangements with those partners.
  • to update their evacuation status when the facility evacuates.

Visit the EMResource website.