Regulatory Services Facility Surveyors & Liaisons

Facility surveyors & liaisons help improve the care for people who live in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with an intellectual disability or related conditions by enhancing communication between facility and surveyor staff.

Their functions include:

  • Establishing ongoing dialogue between ombudsman, facility and industry staff to identify goals, issues and problems for which joint efforts could be beneficial in achieving improved resident care and services.
  • Meeting regularly with providers to discuss issues and concerns that pertain to regulations and survey practices, with the goal of increased understanding and consistency.
  • Meeting with providers, survey staff, and Ombudsmen to facilitate resolution of conflicts and individual situations that require additional problem-solving input.
  • Clarifying state and federal regulations for the participants.
  • Creating an environment for the sharing and discussion of best practices and promotion of all Senate Bill 1839.
  • Working closely with Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Joint Training unit, the Long-term Care Ombudsman program, and the Quality Monitoring Program to assure efforts do not conflict but rather enhance.