Realistic Job Previews

Do you hire direct support workers? Are you looking for a job as a direct support worker?

If the answer to either question is "yes," you may be interested in watching two realistic job preview videos from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). In these videos, direct support workers describe their jobs and speak frankly about the rewards and challenges of this type of work.

Who Should Watch these Videos

Job Seekers

DADS created these videos to help people who are thinking about a career in direct support. Watching what someone does in a direct support job may help you decide if you are a good match for this type of work before you accept a position.

While many people find direct support to be rewarding, there is a high turnover rate among recently-hired direct support workers. Turnover often happens because people know little about direct support jobs or they have unrealistic expectations. Watching a realistic job preview will help you understand the job and know what to expect from a direct support position.

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Demand for direct support workers in Texas has long exceeded supply, and this gap is projected to grow substantially over the coming decades. Meeting future demand for direct support through enhanced recruitment alone is not possible; the retention of existing direct support workers is critical. Research has found that the use of realistic job previews improves direct support worker retention. Requiring job applicants to watch a realistic job preview will increase the chances that those who are hired really understand and accept the job conditions, which means they will be less likely to leave the position quickly.

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