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Seventh Annual PASRR Conference

Registration is now open for the seventh annual PASRR Conference being held virtually November 8-9, 2023. Attendees must register for the main conference sessions and one for each breakout session.

Day two will have up to three sessions to choose for subject specific learning. Please register for one of the presentations that best supports your role:

  1. Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority
  2. Local Mental/Behavioral Health Authority
  3. Nursing Facility

Main Conference Sessions:

November 9, 2023, Breakout Sessions (Register for one in each time slot):

Breakout Session 1 - 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (Register for one)

Role of Habilitation Coordinator

What Behavioral Health Services Looks Like for Someone who is PASRR Positive

PASRR for Nursing Facilities

Breakout Session 2 – 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. (Register for one)

PASRR Transitions and Diversions

Nursing Facility Specialized Services Long-Term Care Online Portal Requests

Breakout Session 3 – 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. (Register for one)

Quality Assurance Authority Reviews

PASRR for Referring Entities

The Role of Provider Claim Services

Session 4 – 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. (Register for one)

Concept of Person-Centered Planning

Upon registration, registrants will receive a confirmation email with a unique link for each of the conference sessions. The unique link allows PASRR Conference staff to verify attendance for continuing education units (CEUs).

HHSC is seeking the following CEUs for this event: Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Nursing Facility Administrators, Nursing Facility Activity Directors, Qualified Intellectual or Developmental Disability Professionals (QIDP/QDDP), Assisted Living Facility Managers, Certified Nurse Aides, Licensed Psychological Associates, Home and Community Support Services Agencies, and Day Activity and Health Services.

Web-based Training

In the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review process, referring entities, nursing facilities, and local authorities have distinct roles and responsibilities. For people to benefit from the PASRR process and thereby receive the most appropriate services, each of these entities must fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Anyone regularly involved in the PASRR process should complete applicable courses posted on this page. Some of the web-based courses on this page have been approved by HHS for Nursing Facility Administrator continuing education credit. To access and complete all the following online courses, visit the HHS Learning Portal PASRR Training Homepage, create a user login, and follow the instructions to complete the courses.

An Overview of the PASRR Process (HHS Learning Portal)

This online course is designed for all local authority Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) staff. It provides a basic overview of the PASRR process by detailing the steps in the PASRR process from nursing facility admission through the interdisciplinary meeting, including:

  • Referring entity screening (PL1) and admission types;
  • PASRR evaluation (PE) factors resulting in positive status;
  • PE role in sharing info re: community options;
  • Specialized services recommended by PE;
  • Assessments to support intellectual and developmental disability positive PE determination; and
  • Nursing facility's interdisciplinary team meeting and initial identification of PASRR Comprehensive Service Plan form.

Once you have completed the course, you must also complete the competency-based test before printing your certification of completion.

Service Planning and Monitoring- Instructor-led Virtual Presentation for Habilitation Coordination (HHS Learning Portal)

To register for this course, you must have completed the course "An Overview of the PASRR Process".

  • This instructor-led course is designed for all local intellectual and developmental disability authority (LIDDA) habilitation coordination staff, instructs in the service planning and monitoring required in the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process and includes the following topics:
  • Habilitation Coordination Refusals;
  • Community Living Options (CLO) including LIDDA Educational Opportunities;
  • Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)/Service Planning Team (SPT) membership and representation;
  • Habilitative Assessment (HA);
  • Individual Profile (IP) Form 1063 and Habilitation Service Plan (HSP) Form 1057 development;
  • PASRR Comprehensive Service Plan completion;
  • Ongoing follow-along with SPT involvement;
  • Special updates of HSP; and
  • Quarterly review and revision of the HSP.

Transition and Diversion- Instructor-led Virtual Presentation for Service Coordination/ECC (HHS Learning Portal)

To register for this course, you must have completed the course "An Overview of the PASRR Process".

This instructor-led presentation, designed for local authority staff with Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) transition or referral responsibilities, instructs in the transition and diversion processes required in the PASRR process and includes the following topics:

  • Duties related to the Transition Plan;
  • Relocation specialist referral and managed care organization involvement;
  • Contract/rule review of duties related to pre-move requirements including slot requests (Diversion and Transition);
  • Contract/rule review of duties related to post-move requirements (Diversion and Transition);
  • PASRR specialized services entries in support of transitions; and
  • Nursing Facility or Crisis Diversion Plan, Form 1050, completion.

PASRR PL1 and PE- Instructor-led Virtual Presentation (HHS Learning Portal)

To register for this course you must have completed the course "An Overview of the PASRR Process ".

The purpose of this instructor-led presentation training is to explain to local authority staff how to accurately and correctly complete the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level 1 (PL1) Screening Form and the PASRR Evaluation (PE) Form.

PASRR in the Nursing Facility (HHS Learning Portal)

Not a required LIDDA, LMHA or LBHA training. Continuing education credits (7.0 hours) may be available for this course.

This comprehensive nine-module online course will provide nursing facility staff with thorough and sustainable education, information and resources that are needed to successfully complete all nursing facilities responsibilities related to the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process. In addition, this training will detail the complexities of caring for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental illness, or both.

PASRR 101 (HHS Learning Portal)

Not a required LIDDA, LMHA or LBHA training.

This training provides an introduction to the role nursing facilities play in the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process; discusses the purpose of PASRR, state and federal regulations which govern the PASRR process, types of admissions, screening and specialized services; and provides an overview of each aspect of the PASRR process.

PASRR Referring Entity (HHS Learning Portal)

Not a required LIDDA, LMHA or LBHA training. Continuing education credits (1.5 hours) may be available for this course.

This training is designed to give the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) referring entities the information, tools and resources needed to successfully complete the PASRR Level I (PL1) Screening Form, which must be completed for all people seeking admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility.

PASRR Rules (HHS Learning Portal)

Not a required LIDDA, LMHA or LBHA training.

This training discusses nursing facility responsibilities related to Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR), found in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 26, Part 1, Chapter 554, Subchapter BB.

Archived PASRR Conference Materials

Downloadable PDF versions of materials

Available recorded conference sessions

  • Guardianship a Basic Introduction 
    An overview of guardianships in Texas. The facilitators will explain Texas Guardianship Minimum Standards, ethics, certification requirements, HHSC referrals, and community referrals to the probate court. 
  • PCSP Form and Its Functionality 
    This is a discussion and overview of the PASRR Comprehensive Service Plan (PCSP) form. This training will provide solutions with common issues the Local Authority faces when completing and submitting the PCSP form. It will also review any major changes or updates to the form. 
  • Supporting Nursing Facility Residents with IDD in Relocating to the Community 
    This presentation will help participants understand the steps in the relocation process, including referral, transition needs assessment, service planning process, day of move activities, Monitoring, and follow-up after the move. It will also explain who is responsible for each part of the process. 
  • PASRR Process for People with Mental Illness 
    This presentation will increase attendee's understanding of the PASRR process for a person suspected of having a Mental Illness (MI). The presentation includes the definitions of MI for PASRR eligibility, how to complete the PASRR Evaluation to determine if a person meets the PASRR definition for MI, and, if the person is determined to be PASRR positive for MI, the new LMHA/LBHA requirements and timelines to be followed. 
  • Trauma and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 
    An overview of how people with IDD are impacted by trauma, the affect it can have on providers, and what providers can do about it. 
  • Community Living Options 
    The Community Living Options (CLO) process is an integral component of services to people who are PASRR recipients. This presentation reviews basic timeline markers, HHSC required materials for education, CLO form (form 1054) specifics, and other activities related to the CLO process. The presentation also reviews Service Planning Team (SPT) obligations to address identified barriers as part of the Habilitation Service Plan development or revision. 
  • The Role of Transition Support Teams for People Residing in a Nursing Facility 
    This presentation will provide an overview of Transition Support Team services, the processes for requesting services and supports, and information about each Team throughout the state. 
  • Employment First and Benefits 
    This presentation will provide an overview of Employment First principles and philosophies relating to persons receiving services and who set the goal to work in competitive and integrated settings in the community. Additionally, there will be an overview of Employment Assistance and Supported Employment followed by information presented on social security benefits and tools to preserve those benefits when a person receiving service becomes employed. 
  • PASRR Mailbox Top Two FAQs for Preadmission and Nursing Facility Specialized Services 
    This presentation will review and provide information regarding the top two frequently asked questions that come through the HHSC PASRR Mailbox. It will increase the attendee's understanding of the process for requesting a PASRR Nursing Facility Specialized Service (NFSS) including PASRR Customized Manual Wheelchair Authorization Requests and the PASRR Admission Processes. 
  • Role of the Ombudsman 
    This presentation reviews the role of the Ombudsman in nursing facilities. 
  • Day Two – Main Session 
    This session includes the presentations of Person-Centered Planning and Self-Care: The Session Focused on You.

For questions about the conference, email PASRR.

Archived PASRR Webinars

The following webinars focus mainly on the roles and responsibilities of nursing facilities on a variety of PASRR topics. They are administered by HHS and are archived on the SimpleLTC site. Check back frequently as additional webinars will be posted.

PASRR: What You Need to Know Now

This webinar provides the latest PASRR training, including recent and upcoming enhancements to the PASRR program, and PASRR issues commonly faced by nursing facilities. FAQs, presentation handouts and slides are also available. Access this webinar on the SimpleLTC site.

What you Need to Know Now About PASRR

These webinars discuss the latest PASRR information directly from HHSC, including how to manage common PASRR issues and concerns at your facility, and updates to the PASRR requirements. Access this webinar on the SimpleLTC site.


This webinar discusses the PASRR Interdisciplinary Team meeting documentation requirements and the interdisciplinary team form. Access this webinar on the SimpleLTC site.

PASRR Specialized Services

PASRR specialized services include habilitative therapies, durable medical equipment and customized manual wheelchair. This pre-recorded webinar discusses the difference between rehabilitative therapy and habilitative therapy and provides examples. Access this webinar on the SimpleLTC site.

PASRR Teleconference Calls/Presentations

Webinars and/or informational calls focusing on PASRR are available for LIDDAs and nursing facilities.

PASRR Technical Assistance Calls

HHS provides a series of PASRR update webinars and/or informational calls for LIDDAs and nursing facilities. These hour-long sessions are designed to address the common questions and concerns as identified by nursing facilities and/or HHS. Register for a PASRR technical assistance call webinar or view an archived webinar.