EVV Consumer Directed Services Option

As of Jan. 1, 2021, Texas implemented Electronic Visit Verification for all Medicaid personal care services, including services that are managed through the Consumer Directed Services option.

  • EVV is a computer-based system that electronically documents and verifies service delivery information, such as date, time, service type and location for certain Medicaid service visits.
  • The CDS option is a service delivery option in which a member or Legally Authorized Representative employs and retains a service provider and directs the delivery of a service described in Section 354.4005 of Chapter 354, Subchapter O (relating to Applicability).

The CDS option has three primary roles:

  • Financial management services agency: An entity that contracts with Texas HHSC or a managed care organization to provide financial management services, such as payroll, to a CDS employer as described in 40, Texas Administrative Code Chapter 41 (relating to CDS option).
  • CDS employer: A member or LAR who chooses to participate in the CDS option. A CDS employer, the member or LAR, is responsible for hiring and retaining a service provider who delivers a service described in Section 354.4005 of Chapter 354, Subchapter O (relating to Applicability).
  • CDS employee (service provider): A person who provides a service required to use EVV and who is employed by a CDS employer.

Getting Started with EVV

Complete the following steps within the CDS option when starting with EVV:

  1. Complete Form 1722 - Employer’s Selection for EVV Responsibilities.
  2. Complete required EVV trainings:
    • EVV system training
    • EVV Policy training
  3. Train CDS employees on the clock in and clock out methods and document training through Form 1732.
  4. The CDS employee must:
    • Clock in at the beginning of service delivery and clock out at the end of service delivery using an approved clock in and clock out method.
  5. CDS employers who chose Option 1 on Form 1722 (or an FMSA on behalf of those who chose Option 2 or 3), must complete visit maintenance to:
    • Correct any exceptions or critical errors.
    • Adjust Bill Hours, if needed.
    • Reason Codes as required.
    • Enter manual EVV visits, if necessary.
  6. CDS employers must review and approve time worked after visit maintenance is complete depending on the option chosen on Form 1722:
    • If Option 1 or 2 is chosen, time will be approved using the EVV system.
    • If Option 3 is chosen, time will be approved using the method selected by the FMSA and CDS employer.

Reference the following Getting Started with EVV Guides for more information: