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Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services

Haley Turner, associate commissioner of IDD Services
IDD Services Phone number: 512-438-4886
IDD Services Email:

Local Procedure Development and Support

The Local Procedure Development and Support unit coordinates and monitors the implementation of certain initiatives for which LIDDAs are responsible. The initiatives include:

  • Authorization and tracking of program vacancies for the Home and Community-based Services and Texas Home Living programs;
  • Management of the HCS and TxHmL interest lists; and
  • Eligibility determination of Community First Choice (non-waiver) for individuals with an intellectual disability or a related condition.

The unit:

  • Tracks LIDDA compliance with designated measures in the Performance Contract; and
  • Coordinates development and revision of HHSC rules effecting LIDDA policy and operations.

LPDS Phone number: 512-438-4886
LPDS Fax number: 512-438-5220
LIDDA Service Coordination Email Inbox:
LIDDA Form 1052 and Form 8571 Submissions Email Inbox:

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review is a federally mandated program that is applied to all individuals seeking admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility to identify:

  • Individuals who have a mental illness, an intellectual disability or a developmental disability (also known as related conditions);
  • The appropriateness of placement in the NF; and
  • The eligibility for specialized services.

The PASRR Unit:

  • Develops and implements state plan amendments, 1915 (b) (4) waivers, and TAC rules related to the PASRR program/services;
  • Authorizes nursing facility specialized services (OT, PT, Speech, CMWC, and DME) for PASRR positive IDD NF residents;
  • Performs quality monitoring of PASRR requirements such as PE completions with designated timeframes, IDT meetings, etc.;
  • Performs quality assurance on NF residents on PL1 statuses;
  • Providers technical assistance to NF and Local Authority providers on PASRR program requirements;
  • Develops Business User Requirements and assists in functional design of enhancements for the TMHP LTC portal; and
  • Trains NFs and LIDDAs on PASRR portal enhancements to the TMHP LTC portal.

PASRR Phone numbers: 512-438-3028 and 855-435-7180
PASRR Fax number: 512-438-2180
PASRR Quality Management Email Inbox:
PASRR Technical Assistance Email Inbox:

Email about the following:

  • Assistance or cooperation from an RE, NF, LIDDA or LMHA/LBHA.
  • Assistance with locating information to perform and submit the PL1, PE, PCSP and NFSS forms.
  • Assistance locating forms, LIDDAs, LMHA/LBHAs or additional training resources.
  • Policy guidance on policy of PASRR processes, specialized services and therapist assessments.
  • Answer questions specifically related to MI/ID/DD or related conditions.
  • Additional learning opportunities, information and forms.

IDD Services Training and Curriculum Development

The IDD Services Training and Curriculum Development Unit creates, revises and maintains virtual, online and instructor-led courses. The unit’s trainers are responsible for scheduling and administering PASRR training to 39 LIDDAs across the state. The curriculum developers support trainers by formatting and designing course curricula, materials and learning aids; additionally, they assist in the formulation of learning objectives, aids and brochures for PASRR-related conference presentations.

Kent Allen, Unit Manager

Performance Contracts

The IDD Contracts Unit:

  • Executes contract actions to include new contracts and amendments;
  • Provides contract management; and
  • Provides technical assistance related to the IDD performance contracts.

Mailing Address:
HHSC IDD Services – Performance Contracts Unit
Mail Code: W354
701 W. 51st Street
Austin, TX 78751

Performance Contracts Fax number: 512-438-2180
Performance Contracts Email Inbox:

IDD Services Fiscal Monitoring

Mailing Address:
HHSC IDD Services – Fiscal Monitoring Unit
Mail Code: W354
701 W. 51st Street
Austin, TX 78751

Fiscal Monitoring Fax number: 512-438- 5220

Contract Accountability and Oversight

The Contract Accountability and Oversight unit has responsibility for assuring accountability of the LIDDAs, as established by law and their Performance Contracts with HHSC. CAO's duties include:

  • Monitoring and overseeing each LIDDA's Performance Contract through annual on-site reviews of the LIDDA's performance;
  • Reviewing data submitted about services and documents that support the provision of the delegated functions, which are to conduct local planning, develop policy, coordinate, develop and allocate resources;
  • Providing oversight for intellectual and developmental disability services in the local service area; and
  • Monitoring compliance and initiatives for permanency planning for individuals under 22 years of age and community living option information process for residents in state supported living centers.

CAO Fax number: 512-438-5220
CAO Email Inbox: