Changes to Service Planning in HCS

Changes in service planning for the Home and Community-based Services (HCS) program were initiated to address difficulties with the current service planning process, including:

  • Communication barriers between service coordinators and providers
  • Repetition in the person-directed plan (PDP)
  • Time spent on PDP and implementation plan (IP) development
  • Disconnect between the PDP and the IP

A workgroup comprised of stakeholders from advocacy groups, local authorities (LAs), program providers and the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) addressed identified concerns with HCS service planning. Changes made by the workgroup:

  • Emphasize developing a "support team" for each individual.
  • Streamline the service planning process and makes it easier to understand.
  • Create a Discovery Guide.
  • Revise the PDP so that information in it contributes directly to the IP.

The following core concepts of service delivery are considered essential elements and are emphasized in the changes:

  • Person-centered thinking: "THINK people first!"
  • Discovery: "DISCOVER what's important!"
  • Person-directed planning: "PLAN a future!"
  • Implementation: "ACT with purpose!"
Download service planning posters in PDF format.


Step 1 of the Service Planning Process:
Think People First (PDF)


Step 2 of the Service Planning Process:
Discover What's Important (PDF)


Step 3 of the Service Planning Process:
Plan a Future (PDF)


Step 4 of the Service Planning Process:
Act With Purpose (PDF)

Forms and Tools

The following forms and tools are available for review. Implementation of revised planning changes by all LAs and HCS program providers will begin Sept. 1, 2013. The use of the revised forms will occur at the time of the individual's annual IPC renewal. Full implementation of revised planning changes by all LAs and HCS program providers will take place by Sept. 1, 2014.

Training and Resources

The following PowerPoint (available in PDF and HTML format) provides more information regarding the changes being made to service planning:

Each of the sample packets below include the following DADS forms: Individual Data, Person-Directed Plan, Individualized Plan of Care and applicable Implementation Plans. The sample Update Packet includes services that are changed, services that are discontinued, as well as services that are added as a guide for how to make these types of updates.

Additional Resources

Please email questions regarding changes to service planning to HCS staff.

*Note: Form 2125 is an optional form but contains the "required elements" of an implementation plan.