Community Living Assistance & Support Services (CLASS)

What is CLASS?

CLASS provides home- and community-based services to people with related conditions as a cost-effective alternative to placement in an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual disability or a related condition. A related condition is a disability, other than an intellectual disability, that originated before age 22 and that affects a person's ability to function in daily life.

Provider Communications

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Contact Program Staff

  • Provider/policy information: 512-438-5077
  • Contracting information: 512-438-3550
  • CLASS Interest List information: 877-438-5658
  • Eligibility, enrollment, ID/RC, transfer, suspension and termination information: 512-438-2484
  • Renewal and revision information: 512-438-4896

Statutes & Rules


Formatted State Rules

HHS maintains the formatted versions of rules related to this program on its website to enhance public access to program information. The Texas Register and the Texas Administrative Code remain the official sources for all HHS rules.


Other Rules and Statutes


Information & Provider Letters

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Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
Number Title/Notes Date Published
IL 2022-31 Preparing for the upcoming Fiscal year 2022 Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout
IL 2022-24 HB4: Interim Guidance for Behavioral Support, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy, Dietary Services, Music Therapy and Recreational Therapy Delivered by Telehealth
IL 2022-25 Ending of COVID-19 Flexibilities Related to Pre-Enrollment and Enrollment Activities

Note: Replaces IL 2021-03, IL 2021-04, and IL 2021-14

IL 2022-23 Information Letter No. 2022-23 New Critical Incident Management Reporting System for 1915(c) Medicaid Waiver Program Providers (REVISED)

Note: Replaces IL 2022-14

IL 2022-14 New Critical Incident Management Reporting System for 1915(c) Medicaid Waiver Program Providers

Note: Replaced by IL 2022-23

IL 2022-13 HHSC Rate Changes and Support to CLASS and DBMD Case Managers Processing IPC Revisions
IL 2022-08 HB4: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy Services Delivered by Synchronous Audio-Visual
IL 2022-01 Payment Rates for CLASS Respite Attendant Services, Effective January 1, 2022
IL 2021-57 2021 Cost Report and 2021 or 2022 Accountability Report Training Information
IL 2021-48 Acceptable Documentation for a Criminal History Check

Note: Revised November 10, 2021