AAA Procedures

On-Site Monitoring Manual

The On-Site Monitoring Manual describes the processes that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) section, uses to evaluate AAA compliance with applicable federal and state requirements during an on-site review. The manual is to be used as a guide. During the monitoring process, other issues or concerns may be mitigated. This may require the review of additional documentation, staff interviews, or on-site review of provider documentation.

AAA Operations Training Manual

The documents in this section are intended to provide an overview of HHSC processes and requirements. They do not cover all requirements rather they focus on the core or basic processes required of the AAA. Some sections or sub-sections are hyperlinked directing the user to documents posted on the HHSC website. Regular updates are made to these on-line sections and hyperlinked documents; for this reason the user should rely on the website for current information rather than printed copies of the manual. Note: The section documents are in PDF format.

Developing Budgets

The planning budget reflects the AAAs plan before the allocation of funds; it is intended to be used as a tool and supported by actual budgeted NFAs. Note: These documents are in PDF format.

Fiscal Year Closeout Procedures

Reviewing the Budget Performance Payment Comparison Workbook (BPPCW)

The BPPCW provides AAAs with a process for reconciling expenditures reported on the quarterly performance reports to the approved budget, funds requested on requests for reimbursement and notifications of funds available.

SPURS Job Aids, Training Manuals and Forms

The documents listed below can aid in accurately and consistently entering consumer, call and service delivery data into the HHSC State Unit on Aging Programs Uniform Reporting System (SPURS) for Services. Please note the Job Aids have not yet been updated to reflect the new release of the Individual Client Contact (ICC) and Public and Media Events (PAM) forms for benefits counselors.

Note: These documents are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.