Emergency Preparedness & Response

Notifying HHSC of an Emergency/Disaster

When a facility experiences an emergency and/or disaster resulting in an emergency closure and/or changes in daily operations and services provided, all licensed health facilities must complete and submit Form 3215, Emergency/Disaster Notification.

During the emergency and/or disaster, facilities must first ensure the safety of patients/clients and then complete Form 3215 to notify HHSC of any resulting changes in the facility’s operation as soon as possible.

Reopening a Facility After an Emergency/Disaster

Following a facility closure, due to an emergency and/or disaster, a facility must notify HHSC when they plan to re-open, including full and partial re-openings. Upon re-opening, providers must immediately email HHSC at healthfacilitylicensing@hhsc.state.tx.us and provide their facility name, license number, address, and date of re-opening.

Requesting an Emergency Rule Exception for an End Stage Renal Disease Facility (ESRD)

ESRDs may request an emergency rule exemption when facing an emergency or disaster. Facilities requesting an emergency exemption to the ESRD licensing requirements must complete and submit Form 1011. Please note, Form 3215 is not a substitute for Form 1011.