Substance Use Service Providers

Substance use and misuse affect people from all backgrounds and age groups. A substance use disorder occurs when there is recurrent use of a substance that affects a person's daily life. Substance use services meet the person where they are and coordinate cares for the best possible outcome.

There are a variety of intervention and treatment options designed to promote stability and help people start their recovery journey. Customized treatment and care planning can include services like peer support, case management, individual and group therapy, employment assistance and recovery housing, and community service navigation.

The array of substance use services offered encourages people to seek recovery through prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support.

Substance use treatment services:

Substance use intervention services:

Recovery support services:

For a description of substance use services, visit the Mental Health and Substance Use page.

To locate a funded substance use service, visit the HHSC treatment locater.

How to Become a Provider

Visit Contracting with HHS for more information on how to become a provider.

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Rules and Statutes

Texas Administrative Code:

Substance Use Services Flyer

Texas Health and Human Services has developed a flyer that can be shared electronically to help individuals locate substance use services in their area.

Contact Information

For question about programs, policy, or planning, email HHSC Substance Use Disorder.

For questions about contracts, budgets or submitting reports, email HHSC SUD Contracts.