Mental Health Deputy

The mental health deputy program augments the state’s crisis response system by diverting people in need of behavioral health crisis services--away from hospitals and jails to effective and less costly community-based behavioral health treatment. Mental health deputies are law enforcement officers with additional specialized training in crisis intervention provided by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Mental health deputies work collaboratively with the community and their local mental or behavioral health authority’s crisis response team.

Statement of Work


  • The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement strives to meet its mission of ensuring a Texas where people are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement and corrections personnel through screening, developing, monitoring resources, and setting standards.
  • The Texas CIT Association is a non-profit organization comprised of law enforcement, corrections, the mental health community, and advocacy groups to provide standardized training, support, and education in responding to people affected by mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.



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