Crisis Service Providers

Crisis services are available 24 hours, seven days a week and include:

  • Prompt face-to-face crisis assessment
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Crisis follow-up
  • Relapse prevention services

Local mental health authorities and local behavioral health authorities deploy mobile crisis outreach teams to respond to calls in the community and collaborate closely with community partners such as law enforcement and local emergency departments to ensure behavioral health care needs are appropriately addressed.

In addition to these services, many LMHAs and LBHAs operate crisis facilities, which are primarily funded by the Health and Human Services Commission. Crisis facilities can be staffed with mental health, substance use disorder, medical professionals and peer providers that offer assessment, support and services to achieve psychiatric stabilization to people with mental health issues.

The state contracts for a wide variety of community-based outpatient mental health services at 39 LMHAs and LBHAs. Each receive ongoing state funding to provide crisis hotlines and MCOTs in their communities. In addition, LMHAs and LBHAs compete for available funding to support facility-based crisis options.