Clubhouse Model

The Clubhouse Model is an evidence-based, recovery-oriented program for adults living with mental health challenges. The goal of the program is to improve a person's ability to function successfully in the community through involvement in a peer-focused environment. Members are encouraged to participate in the operations of the Clubhouse such as:

  • Clerical duties
  • Reception
  • Food service
  • Transportation
  • Financial services

Members are also encouraged to participate in activities to promote outside employment, education, meaningful relationships, housing and an overall improved quality of life.

Clubhouse International offers resources to communities wishing to start and sustain a Clubhouse program.

How to Become a Provider

Providers submitted a proposal to the Health and Human Services Commission in fiscal year 2015 and contracts were awarded in fiscal year 2016. HHSC reviewed proposals and contract negotiations before awarding contracts. Current Clubhouse providers are under contract with HHSC through the end of FY 18 and the agency has renewed the same contracts for FY 19.

State Funded Clubhouses

Austin Clubhouse

Website: Austin Club House
Region 7

Brain Injury Network of Dallas

Website: The Bind
Region: 3

Jewish Family Service of Dallas

Website: PLAN @ 1121 Rock
Region: 3

San Angelo Clubhouse

Website: San Angelo Clubhouse
Region: 9

San Antonio Clubhouse

Website: San Antonio Clubhouse
Region: 8

Magnificat (St. Joseph House)

Website: St. Joseph House
Region: 6

Hope Fort Bend Clubhouse

Website: Hope Fort Bend Clubhouse
Region: 6


View training and educational programs to help develop Clubhouse.

Contact Us

If you have questions or require additional information, please send requests to: BHS Peer Services.