T-CCBHC Certification Process

Note: As of November 2022, HHSC has temporarily paused initial applications for Texas Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (T-CCBHC) certification. Applications will not be accepted until further notice, at which time HHSC will update this webpage.

  1. To begin the application process, email the T-CCBHC inbox and provide your organization's name and list of current services.
  2. HHSC will reply with further information so you can assess your organization’s eligibility and readiness. After assessment, submit an application and signed Memorandum of Understanding. HHSC will add your organization to the certification queue.
  3. When your organization is reached in the queue, HHSC will schedule an intake call to begin your certification process. The process, tips for a successful submission, and questions will be included in the intake call.
  4. Submit all required documents to your organization's unique SharePoint folder created by T-CCBHC Reviewers.
  5. HHSC will review and score submitted materials, and will return scores and provide technical assistance in approximately one month. Your organization has up to three submission opportunities.
  6. Once your organization has reached a score of 70 percent, HHSC will hold interviews with two groups of staff: frontline staff and mid-level supervisors.
  7. Once your organization has either achieved a score of 90 percent or completed all three submissions without achieving a 90 percent, HHSC will host a call with your organization’s executive leadership to discuss certification status. If certified, HHSC will send your organization a signed letter, certificate, and Memorandum of Understanding.
  8. Certification is active for three years, after which the organization may be eligible for recertification.
  9. If your organization does not meet the certification threshold, you may reapply in six months.