CCBHC Certification Process

CCBHC Certification Process:

  1. To begin the application process, email an inquiry with organization name and list of current services to the CCBHC inbox:
  2. Upon approval from HHSC, submit a full application by gathering all documents for submission and complete the HHSC-provided Submission Template to submit documents within an agreed upon timeframe.
  3. Submit the Submission Template along with all supporting documents to the SharePoint site created by the Texas CCBHC Reviewers.
  4. HHSC will review submitted materials. This process usually takes about 3-4 weeks.
  5. HHSC will score the submitted materials and will return a completed Texas CCBHC Certification Checklist. If a score of 90 percent or above is achieved, HHSC will reach out to schedule interviews. If a score is below 90 percent after the first review, HHSC will provide feedback and the organization will have two additional opportunities to resubmit materials.
  6. HHSC will interview a group of at least six managerial staff (i.e. team leads, managers) and a separate group of at least eight direct care staff members (i.e. case managers, therapists). These supervisors and staff should be representative of the various programs and locations within the organization.
  7. Upon completion of the interview process, a call will be set up with executive leadership to discuss certification status. If the organization is certified, a signed letter, certificate and Memorandum of Understanding will be sent to the organization.
  8. Certification is active for three years, after which, the organization may be eligible for recertification, as outlined in the Texas Recertification Guidance.